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the whole experience: perfect daze bridal

13th March 2018 | Rachel Hirst

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As quite possibly the most exciting aspect of the wedding planning, we here at Brides Up North are firm believers that brides should remember their boutique visits for all the right reasons and have an experience that is professional, yet personal and fun, as they search for that one special dress.

And we’re not alone in our mantra, for the new Sponsor that we’re introducing on the blog today was built upon these very beliefs – the fabulous Perfect Daze Bridal.

In opening her gorgeous Yorkshire boutique, Perfect Daze owner Emma Roberts, wanted to offer ladies the full bridal shopping package; from a chic and relaxing setting to stunning designers, excellent customer service and faultless attention to detail – and she continuously strives to give her brides the very best experience.

Whether buying a designer gown or investing in a bespoke dress, all brides are seen by Emma as she gets to know them over a cuppa or glass of fizz, and she sees them through to their big day with assistance from her highly-experienced team in ensuring absolute perfection.

Here to tell us more about the boutique’s ethos and offering is the leading lady herself. Take it away Emma…

Images by Glix Photography.

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Where is your boutique located and how would you describe the look and feel of it?

emma says

: Perfect Daze is nestled in the rural village of Scissett in the heart of Yorkshire. A stone’s throw from Holmfirth, we are sat right on the boundaries of Wakefield, Huddersfield and Barnsley and only ten minutes from the M1 making Leeds and Sheffield quite close by.

The emphasis is on the whole experience and the boutique is spacious and luxurious. Large changing rooms and comfortable seating, plush fabrics and an industrial edge. Copper, steel and woods are the perfect backdrop to the chic gowns.

We stock the best of British bridal with our signature look being couture.

What designers do you stock and can you tell us a little about each one?

Enzoani Blue is at the cutting edge of bridal fashion. Designed by Kang Chun “KC” Lin, the gowns incorporate intricate lace, beautiful fabrics and the Enzoani signature cut out trains. Enzoani Blue is perfect for the style savvy bride, their gowns are anything but ordinary.

Enzoani Beautiful sits alongside Enzoani Blue with the same attention to detail, but with a slightly more traditional look. If Blue is a little too edgy for your bridal style, but you still appreciate the signature cut out trains and attention to detail then Enzoani Beautiful is perfect for you.

As for Badgley Mischka – think red carpet, think glamour, think the Oscars. This designer supplies high-octane styling for a bride who desires the wow factor. Their designs are a little more couture, sometimes quite edgy, but always focusing on fit and shape.

Suzanne Neville is a designer adored by celebrities such as Holly Willoughby, Tess Daly and Katherine Jenkins. Her gowns exude class, sophistication and elegance. Using the most opulent fabrics, every single dress is handmade in the UK and as beautiful on the inside as the outside.

Her ‘less is more’ approach to bridal is breath-taking and her famous corset shape creates the most fantastic curves.

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How do you pick the right designers for the boutique and what do you think makes a good bridal collection?

I believe our designers have to work well together and their collections must complement each other.

We have a wide range of styles which are all focussed on fit, quality and elegance. When I invest in a label, I am looking for design which works well within the ethos of Perfect Daze Bridal. I firmly believe that shape and good fabrics are key, and when it comes to detail, just the right amount.

Furthermore, fantastic customer care, is essential. I need to know my designers can deliver 100% every time, I can then pass this onto my brides.

What current trends are you seeing in bridal wear and can you forecast any future trends that will be coming through?

It is all about the back in bridal at the moment. We are seeing some stunning designs and Enzoani are right at the forefront of this. We love it when a dress looks demure from the front but has a wonderful surprise in the back. Vision backs with floating lace and cut out trains give the wow factor.

I don’t think this current trend will be going anywhere for some time.

I think we might start to see a return to more structured fabrics like satin and Mikado. A sophisticated look which focuses on curves and structure. Seams and panels will replace lace, and sparkle will be there, but as a statement rather than all over. Badgley Mischka introduced these types of dresses in 2017, and my brides are loving the opulence.

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What research/preparation would you advise brides to do before visiting the boutique?

It doesn’t matter whether you bring a full board on Pinterest to show me or arrive with nothing but your wedding date – every bride is individual and the fun is to find what works for each person.

If you have firm ideas about the type of look we are going for, then I need to know so I can work with your wedding day ideas. If your wedding has a rustic theme, you would probably not want to go for a sexy, glamourous gown. Likewise, you wouldn’t want to turn up to a black tie themed wedding in a crochet dress. Brides often allow their choice of dress to determine the theme of the wedding.

Prepare to be honest – this is what I ask of all my brides. I always start by saying “Be honest with me, you will not offend me, if one gown was right for everybody then I would need just one in every size. The more feedback you give me, the more chance I have of finding you ‘the one’.”

What can brides expect from an appointment at your boutique and how do you and your team help brides to find their dream dress?

When you walk through our door you will be welcomed into a warm and friendly boutique. Sit with us, share a ‘cuppa’ or sip on a cold glass of prosecco and relax. Even the most particular bride will be impressed with our friendly, honest and expert service. To start with I need to find out about your ideas, and what you do and don’t want from your wedding dress.

At Perfect Daze, we do things a little differently. Focusing on you entirely, and using our experience of dressmaking, we can really guide you through the minefield of bridal fashion. We advise on shape and proportions. This will help you to understand the different styles of gown and give you the knowledge you need to make the right choice.

We listen. We are patient. We give you the time you need to make a decision.

We never use selling tactics. If a dress doesn’t sell itself, it isn’t the dress for you.

Exclusivity and a relaxed atmosphere are key. I personally see every bride at Perfect Daze Bridal.

My first styling appointments are not rushed and never under an hour-and-a-half. I need time to understand you, your style and your wedding. You are not a number here, we truly care. I will absolutely never see more than one bride at a time. And most importantly, we have lots of fun – wedding dress shopping should be enjoyable!

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What size and price range of dresses do you stock?

Our dresses are from a size 8 to 22, and where a dress is not in your size there are lots of things we can do to help. Our bespoke range is limitless, and we can dress any shape and size.

Our price range for bridal is from £1,000 to £4,000.

You offer a bespoke dress making service for the bride, bridesmaids and mother of the bride. Can you tell us why this service is a popular choice with your clients?

The process of having a bridal gown designed and created especially for you is incredibly special. Many ladies who have either a very firm idea of what they want, or just can’t quite find what they are looking for, come to us to have their visions brought to life.

We also spend a lot of time ‘tweaking’ our designers’ dresses to make them perfect for each bride; adding straps, matching sleeves, keyhole backs and boleros. We often add sparkle tulle, applique and beading too.

The bespoke service is also very popular with our mother-of-the-brides and mother-of-the-grooms, often the ready-to-wear outfits are not what our ladies feel comfortable in and we can create something perfect for them. We have a lot of local ladies who trust us to dress them time and time again. We help them with races, cruise wear, birthdays and any other special events they are attending.

One very important use of our bespoke service is for those ladies who, for whatever reason, cannot wear a conventional bridal gown. We had a really gorgeous bride who came to us following a mastectomy and treatment for breast cancer. She was very determined that cancer would not make her compromise on her wedding dress and trusted us to help her with it. We had tears (from her and us) at every fitting and we created a dress to cover her scars, but not look like she had settled for second best. It was a really special journey for her and we were very privileged to be a part of it. We have been in touch with her since the wedding and she is now in remission and enjoying married life to the full!

Can you briefly outline the process of having a dress/outfit made bespoke at Perfect Daze?

Consultation – This takes about an hour. Sit with us, have a cuppa, and we will work from your inspiration. It can be a pair of shoes, an old dress, a photograph. We can even work with just your thoughts to design and draw your dream gown or outfit. Together we will then choose from thousands of fabrics and colours, you will be advised what work best for your chosen design. We will then be able to give you a cost for your bespoke design. You will be measured, and a Toile produced.

Toile fit – This will take about 40 minutes. This is your design made up in a light fabric, so we can see the basic shape and experiments and alterations can be made. This fit gives the pattern which we use to cut into your chosen fabric, it gives us your unique shape to ensure exact proportions. This fitting is more for us than you, there will not be any detail or pleating, just a very basic shape.

Fabric fit – This takes from 30 minutes to an hour. Things will get a little more interesting, your design will be starting to take shape, your fabric will be used. Zips, lining, final detailing and finishing will not be done, but you will be able to get a really good idea of the final design. Depending on how this fitting goes and how intricate your final design is, you may need more than one fabric fitting.

Finish – Ta daah… your finished design ready for you to take away and wear.

Do you stock accessory ranges at the boutique and, if so, can you tell us a little about them?

We stock Richard Designs accessories and veils, we love their range and we find it complements our dresses beautifully. Their rose gold range is to die for and looks amazing with the mocha, blush and champagne dresses that are popular at the minute.

We are exclusive stockists of Bojangles jewellery and accessories. Jane from Bojangles creates the most exquisite pieces of jewellery, including handmade tiaras. Jane also offers a bespoke jewellery making service.

What is it that you love about the world of weddings and what do you enjoy most about your job?

My brides… I love people and beautiful things and what better way to indulge my passions. I love hearing about different ideas, and the different approaches to weddings, I learn so much from my ladies and have met some really fabulous people.

What sets your boutique apart from others?

When you walk through our door you will be welcomed into a warm and friendly boutique. We have created a neutral, tasteful space where time, patience and understanding are in abundance. We have both feet firmly on the ground. We house some of the best designers in the world, but we are down to earth and approachable.

My business model was, and still is, to keep everything exclusive. I personally see my brides for every appointment until their fittings when I hand you over to Adele. I am the one on the end of the phone, email and messenger. I take every single bride through their journey and meet lots of wonderful ladies while I do so. This means we can provide a better quality of service. Everyone at Perfect Daze Bridal who you will have appointments with are bridal experts with a minimum of 15 years’ experience.

How can Brides Up North readers get in touch or see more about the boutique?

You can visit our website and also follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Feel free to call us on 01484 766880, or email at

Any other exciting news to share?

Continuing to focus on the whole experience for brides, I am currently creating a ‘viewing room’ within the boutique. This is a dedicated, luxurious space where brides who have already ordered their dress can come and spend time with their family and friends. We will dress our bride in our sample or her gown, pour the prosecco and give them the time they need to discuss accessories, veils, colours and jewellery without feeling rushed. We will be around to offer help and advice, but we understand these decisions are very personal. We will be sharing more details of the viewing room on Brides Up North soon, so watch this space!


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