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a musical match: warble entertainment

21st March 2018 | Rachel Hirst

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If we’ve said it once, we’ll say it again; there’s nothing like live musical entertainment to set the scene at a wedding.

Whether its creating a romantic ambience for the ceremony, chilled out vibes at the drinks reception or creating a full-on party atmosphere for the evening celebrations, live acts have all the skills to take your big day celebrations to the next level.

Our fabulous Sponsor Warble Entertainment, know this better than anyone as a trusted agency with an incredible portfolio of UK-wide quality acts on their books that cater for thousands of weddings and events year on year.

As such we’ve invited them to the blog today to update us on their amazing offering while also sharing their pearls of wisdom on how to pair the right musical entertainment to particular styles of weddings. So, we’ll leave you in the safe hands of the lovely Warble Entertainment team member Joey Burdon…

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Can you give us a brief overview of Warble Entertainment and tell us what it offers to wedding couples?

joey says: Warble Entertainment Agency was established in 2007 with a vision to make entertainment hire both simple and fun. We aim to make things easy at Warble and are proud to offer something exciting and different when it comes to booking wedding entertainment with the best acts available in the UK right now. From the beginning our approach has been one of honesty and passion towards understanding our customers’ needs and the importance of weddings. We are lucky to have a strong team who value the company’s core beliefs and ethos when it comes to reliability, transparency and incredible customer service in providing the UK’s most exciting wedding entertainment.

What sets you apart from other entertainment agencies?

Warble are an agency with bags of personality and a huge passion for what we do. Our team is made up of industry professionals and experts who have vast experience in co-ordinating all manner of events. We are always on hand to answer any questions or give impartial advice to help make your wedding a success. Warble are also the only agency who run a video advice series with guides on booking entertainment, wedding inspiration and tips – often with guest spots; from appearances from acts, suppliers and wedding industry professionals to help educate couples on the world of weddings and entertainment!

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What is the feedback like from your clients?

Every customer of ours is highly valued and we make sure that we are able to provide a bespoke service to every single one. We are always getting amazing comments from couples who have booked with us and it makes us so happy when we know that we were able to help them find an amazing act for their wedding. Everyone is always surprised to find out how easy the process can be! We are aware that booking wedding entertainment isn’t something that people do every day – or only do once in their lifetimes so we are constantly keeping couples up to date throughout the process and making things stress free. We know that great entertainment can absolutely make a wedding, and this is something we hear daily from couples who have booked through us. Our acts are the best around and there is so much choice to suit absolutely any event.

How do you vet the acts on your books to ensure they meet the Warble standard?

The quality of our acts is important to us and we ensure that every act is stringently vetted before being allocated a place on our roster. We have a dedicated Artist Liaison team here at Warble who have procedures in place in order to assure that every act has the correct PLI and PAT documentation, so you can be safe in the knowledge that they are eligible to perform at your chosen venue. We work with trusted and experienced acts who do this full time as a profession and only a small number of acts who apply are accepted onto the roster – we have a very high standard! We also hold regular showcases, host interviews and act features meaning that we are lucky enough to see many of our amazing acts from all over the UK performing live.

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What elements should couples take into account when choosing the right type of entertainment for their wedding?

Our aim is to always try and match the right entertainment with the style of the wedding. Entertainment comes in all shapes and sizes and can be used in so many different ways! Every wedding has some kind of personality or theme. This can be something simple like a ‘casual’ wedding or ‘rustic’ and other themes can be much stronger such as ‘vintage’ or a ‘wedstival’. These play a massive part in choosing the right entertainment so look for entertainment that not only matches your theme, but enhances it! Definitely pay attention to gaps and lulls throughout your day too. Using entertainment to fill these is a great idea if you’re aware of them.

Can you suggest a musical genre and individual act that would suit the following big day settings?

rural barn

Image supplied by Warble Entertainment (6)

Genre: Bluegrass acoustic – perfect for chilled out summer evenings and rural settings.

Warble act: Brixton Barndance – a wandering unplugged acoustic band that can bring a bluegrass and folk twist to your day.

outdoor tipi

Image supplied by Warble Entertainment (7)

Genre: Rock and pop – tipis are often associated with festival themed weddings and so a killer band always goes down well.

Warble act: The One Step – these guys always make an impression whenever they perform live. Amazing set list and perfect for filling a dancefloor.

urban warehouse

Image supplied by Warble Entertainment (8)

Genre: Unique live music – complement your cool surroundings with something different.

Warble act: Bloxed Beatbox – this act doesn’t need any instruments to wow guests. Why? Because they create incredible music with nothing but their mouths.

historic castle

Image supplied by Warble Entertainment (9)

Genre: Classical and elegant – classical tones ringing out through walls doused in history is sure to capture the hearts of your guests and help to set the scene.

Warble act: Anita The Harpist – the harp is unquestionably a beautiful instrument and Anita The Harpist can provide a romantic and classical feel to your day.

boutique hotel

Image supplied by Warble Entertainment (10)

Genre: LED party band – an audible and visual centrepiece to complement your stunning venue.

Warble act: Extra Light – a big band and an even bigger talking point. Their interactive and light up drum kit is a spectacle to aid an incredible live performance.

stately home

Image supplied by Warble Entertainment (11)

Genre: Jazz and soul – swing, jazz and Rat Pack classics add elements of sophistication to your evening celebrations.

Warble act: Countdown – a versatile and talented outfit who will definitely make your night one to remember.

How can our readers get in touch/find out more about Warble Entertainment? There’s lots of ways to get in touch with us at Warble! Call us on 01270 501164, drop an email to enquiries@warble-entertainment.com or visit our website. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

Anything else to share?

As previously mentioned, our recent video advice series ‘Ask Warble’ has proved extremely helpful for couples who are looking for advice and inspiration when it comes to wedding entertainment and other aspects of their day. It’s completely free to watch, available online and we have regular guests in the form of acts or other wedding suppliers and venues! We love being able to help and our videos are packed with useful tips.

You can find our advice channel ‘Warble TV’ on YouTube or visit the ‘Ask Warble’ page on the website.

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