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personalise your prints: introducing my-picture.co.uk

18th April 2018 | Rachel Hirst

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As one of the most prized memories of a wedding day its only right that the images captured on your special day should be shown off to the max.

You may well choose to have a wedding album printed, though after time chances are this will become stored away out of sight. But there are many fantastic and creative ways to give your wedding images daily pride of place, not only in your home, but in those of family and friends too.

Keen to help showcase such memories is our brand new Sponsor that we’re introducing you to on the blog today, My-Picture.co.uk. Offering an easy-to-use online personalised printing service across the UK, this inspirational website makes selecting and ordering fabulous print products are simple as saying “I do”.

Choose from high quality canvasses and photobooks to more specialised items, such as calendars, mugs, phone cases and cushions. We love the idea of gifting such items to loved ones, so they can share in the memories, and also putting together a customised ‘photo wall’ of canvasses in your own home to showcase your big day to all who visit.

Here to tell us more about the easy-peasy process and super snappy products on offer is the wonderful team behind My-Picture.co.uk…

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Can you give us a brief overview of My-Picture.co.uk and the services that you offer to wedding couples?

the team say: My-Picture.co.uk is one of the biggest, personalised printing services across the whole United Kingdom. Specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of customisable wall décor and lifestyle accessories, over the years My-Picture.co.uk has proven itself as a reliable, wallet-friendly service with strong business traditions and a highly-regarded, customer-centric philosophy. It is also one of the most sought-after services when it comes to printing photos from special occasions and celebrations such as weddings.

What is the process of My-Picture.co.uk? Can you briefly talk us through the ordering service and delivery?

The process is devised to be effortless on the customer’s part. The client selects the product and instantly uploads their photo. Once the photo is generated on the product in a preview screen, the client can play around with additional customization options. With the product design completed comes the checkout screen. After filling a couple of fields, the client picks the most convenient payment method, and frankly, it’s where the process ends for the customer. The product is dispatched roughly 24 hours after order confirmation and arrives in a couple of days’ time.

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Why do couples like to go beyond a simple album with their big day images?

The wedding photo culture has changed in a lot of ways with the advent of image-based social media sites. Exhibiting your wedding photos and video edits online has become a standard. Thus, when it comes down to giving your wedding photo genuinely special treatment, people tend to think of ways to elevate the whole wedding photo idea on a conceptual level. Photo albums are great, but they have a tendency to lay untouched for years, lying on a corner of a shelf and collecting dust.

What products would you recommend for couples wanting to display images around their home?

Apart from the standard selections such as a photo on canvas, My-Picture.co.uk offers a wide range of other wall décor options. While formats such as aluminium, passe-partout, and acrylic print could work out perfectly for those interested in shiny surfaces and a sophisticated gallery-like appearance, photo canvas prints and photos on forex will be the perfect match for those who prefer mobility and amazing price performance.

And, what products would you suggest as gifts for couples to gift to their loved ones?

Although we tend to view all of our products as gift-worthy articles, there are some that stand out as particularly suitable specifically for the wedding theme. The already mentioned photo book with the simple and rich design options is a great way to compress the whole day into a single, wonderfully presented medium. Meanwhile, items such as photo phone cases and photo mugs provide the option to wake up and live with the memory each new day. Anyway, the ability to choose is a wonderful thing!

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What is the feedback like from couples about My-Picture.co.uk? What do they love about the website, products, and services?

The feedback is really good. Couples ordering digital reproductions of their wedding day photos usually cannot stress enough how quick and fuss-free the whole ordering-delivering affair is. The quality of the print itself is also a subject of acclaim. People love seeing their emotions re-created with such precision and accuracy. The more true-to-life the image, the greater its emotional impact.

What sets My-Picture.co.uk apart from other photo printing companies?

My-Picture.co.uk really positions itself as a people’s service. With incredible pricing and simplicity over flashiness, it’s designed to put the photography in first place, just as it should be. Of course, the price and quality ratio hugely contribute to this. It would be a hard task to find an alternative that offers items for a price that’s three times less the original market value yet without any sacrifices regarding the quality side of things.

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How can couples find out more and view the various product options?

My-Picture.co.uk has quite an established online presence. New sales and special offers are regularly announced on our Facebook page while our Instagram feed offers great insight into how your preferred image might look in different types of interiors. Here, you can also soak up some inspiration for your interior solutions in general. Just follow our social media channels, save the items you desire for later, and get updated every time a hot deal comes around!

Any other exciting news to share?

Yes, in fact, there is some good news! A new product has been added to our selection, a product that combines the best of high-tech digital photo printing and organic materials. Photo print on wood is a new, beautiful looking décor piece with an unbelievable price tag! The plywood edge has a beautiful rustic radiance that makes the piece perfect for cosy huts and backyard studios. Safe to say, this will greatly complement wedding photos taken in a natural environment!

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