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12th July 2018 | Alexis Forsyth

A Woodland Engagement Shoot (c) Clique Visuals (2)

Meet Hannah and Cameron, today’s loved up couple who’re sharing their wonderful engagement shoot with us.

As proposals go, we think Cameron’s should get a gold star for originality! Presenting his wife-to-be with flowers and A3 signs asking ‘will you marry me’ while she looked out from her workplace window has got us brim-full of those romantic feels.

This unique approach shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows Hannah and Cameron though, considering they spent their very first date at Ikea!

Always looking for adventure, with their adorable dog Lenny in tow, it was only fitting that they hosted their engagement shoot at one of their favourite dog walking locations, Bishops Wood in Yorkshire. Cue some magical leafy backdrops, a few atmospheric coloured smoke bombs and an appearance, of course, by their four-legged friend.

Want to see the cuteness for yourself? Let’s hand the blog over to Hannah to tell us more about their journey together so far and how they plan to use photos from the shoot on their big day.

With images by Alfie Wright’s Clique Visuals.

A Woodland Engagement Shoot (c) Clique Visuals (23)

hannah says

: We got engaged on 27th of December 2017.

I was at work waiting for Cam to meet me for lunch. I work on the second floor of a petrol station and sit next to a floor to ceiling window that overlooks the forecourt. Cam was running late as usual and I was hungover from all the Christmas festivities. I saw him pull up and ring me, so I answered in the way any man wants his future wife to, with a “what are you doing? Will you just hurry up – I’m starving!”.

He told me to look out the window and I saw him walking onto the forecourt next to pump eight (which is right outside my office) with a big bunch of flowers and some big A3 cards. Written on the cards were: Iya. You alright? You are my person. I will love you forever. Will you marry me?

I then ran through the petrol station outside where he was on one knee in front of all the customers who were clapping and filming us! I was so shocked and emotional and, of course, I said yes! We are getting married on 29th June 2019 at The Barns, East Yorkshire.

A Woodland Engagement Shoot (c) Clique Visuals (36)

We first met back in 2011 on a night out in our local town where mutual friends introduced us.

Cam says I looked like the most beautiful thing he had ever seen and he knew he had to get to know me. Instantly, he recognised that behind the weird laugh, the intolerable need to stroke every single living dog and the hunger tantrums, I was the best person he’d ever met!

A Woodland Engagement Shoot (c) Clique Visuals (1)

What first attracted me to Cam was his charm; he is a true gentleman. If he held a door open for me I would have to wait while he finished holding it for everyone behind us. But, along with this, he had a cheeky sense of humour and could have me in tears laughing. He has the ability to make any time we spend together magical, he can turn a night in with a take away into a romantic adventure.

A Woodland Engagement Shoot (c) Clique Visuals (25)

Our first date was in fact to Ikea of all places. Cam told me he would take me wherever I wanted to go, and I love Ikea! I always knew there was something different with Cam, I’d never been able to be so myself with someone and he never fails to make me laugh!

A Woodland Engagement Shoot (c) Clique Visuals (15)

I knew very early on that Cam was the one. We had spent a couple of months going on dates and little adventures together and it was so clear to me that I would spend my life with him. He has always made me feel comfortable and safe. He also always makes an effort to make me feel loved and beautiful every day. He has the best sense of humour (in my opinion) and he just understands me more than anyone.

We enjoy adventure and use our weekends taking our dog Lenny on walks around the Yorkshire Dales, exploring and having picnics.

A Woodland Engagement Shoot (c) Clique Visuals (30)

Our biggest wish for married life is that we always make the effort to make each other happy, through thick and thin, good or bad. Marriage is a life commitment, so if you are going to be stuck with someone it may as well be a funny, happy and silly journey.

A Woodland Engagement Shoot (c) Clique Visuals (31)

We chose to have an engagement shoot so we could get to know our photographer Alfie Wright at Clique Visuals, and practise posing for the big day. We thought having this engagement shoot would create a sense of familiarity in front of the camera as well as portraying a journey towards marriage.

We chose our local dog walk Bishops Wood for the shoot. We chose this because we often take our dog Len to explore it and whilst doing this we also caught sight of its natural beauty and it quickly became one of our favourite places.

We enjoyed the engagement shoot a lot! Alfie made us feel extremely comfortable in what can be perceived to be quite a daunting experience for novice models. He was extremely professional whilst at the same time maintaining a balance of informality; this extended the atmosphere of comfort and in our opinion, captured more realistic emotion and candid moments. His talent of identifying idealistic scenery and backdrops is immeasurable, we could not have been happier with the beautiful moments he caught and discovered.

We intend to incorporate these photos into our wedding, either as decoration or in photo albums showing the journey leading up to our wedding.

A Woodland Engagement Shoot (c) Clique Visuals (21)

I have been using Brides Up North for inspiration and ideas for my own wedding. The real weddings section shows a mass of variation from traditional to bohemian style and many more. There really is something for everyone to be inspired by! I also enjoy reading about other brides’ experiences of their big day, if only to heighten my excitement for my own.

I was struggling to find a florist to suit my style and my local council didn’t have a celebrant available on my wedding day, however, by researching sources on Brides Up North I have discovered reliable suppliers from venues and celebrants, as well as wedding favours.  Following our wedding, we would love to share the magic of our special day with the readers of Brides up North and hopefully influence or inspire future brides-to-be!

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