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put your own stamp on it: personalised paper goods by basic invite

16th August 2018 | Julia Braime

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As the very first insight you give guests into your big day it’s super important to take time when deciding on your invites. For maximum impact you will want them to be both a nod to the colour scheme and theme you have planned for the wedding, but also a reflection you and your partner.

We therefore love stationery suppliers that give brides and grooms the option to personalise designs through their wording, colour and material choices. One such company is the fabulous Basic Invite who we’re chatting to on the blog today about their utterly gorgeous paper goods, which range from save the dates and invites to on day essentials, like name place cards, menus and guest books.

Taking custom designed wedding invitations to the next level, Basic Invite offer couples an incredible range of designs, from pretty floral creations to cool graphic prints, and then give them the power to make their stationery truly unique with 180 custom colour choices, 100 font styles, plus multiple paper types and card cuts.

Better still, they’re offering Brides Up North readers 15% off orders placed on their website – just use code 15FF51 at checkout.

So, let’s handover the blog to the team behind Basic Invite to showcase some of their delightful stationery options while talking us through the design and ordering process.

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Can you give us an overview of the service and products that you offer?

basic invite say: We offer truly custom stationery for all of life’s major moments! From wedding invitations and thank you notes to personal stationery and business cards. We have a card for everything and designs to suite any style!

Why is stationery such an important element of a wedding and how can it help to enhance the build-up and the big day itself?

Wedding invitations and stationery are an important element because it’s one of the first things your guests will receive in regards to the big day. It’s important that your invitations reflect you as a couple and give guests a sneak peek into your wedding style, giving them a taste of what’s to come.

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How would you describe the style of the stationery that Basic Invite offer?

We have something for everyone! We strive to offer the most innovative designs while also designing timeless options that will never go out of style. The cool thing about Basic Invite is our customisation options. This offers endless options for brides to tweak their design and make it truly unique. Brides can choose styles ranging from vintage to modern, typography to calligraphy, and even photo invitations.

What is your most popular design currently?

Our most popular design for the 2018 wedding season is definitely our watercolour wedding invitations. Brides are loving the soft touches of colour and delicate floral designs. With that said, our new Seal & Send wedding invitations are coming in as a close second. This popular line offers an all-in-one design with a tear-off RSVP card and no envelope needed as addresses are printed on the front and sealed with a custom sticker. We anticipate seeing a lot of brides going for this look in the 2019 wedding season.

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How far in advance of the wedding would you advise couples to source their stationery?

The sooner the better! Based on a one-year engagement we suggest couples follow the following timeline.

8+ months order samples

6+ months order your save the dates

4+ months send your save the dates and order your wedding invitations

3+ months send your invites and order your wedding day stationery

2 weeks post-wedding send your thank you notes

What elements of the wedding would you advise couples to consider when picking their stationery and where should they look for inspiration?

Incorporating wedding colours is a huge design detail that will go a long way, especially if you are keeping a cohesive theme throughout all of your wedding festivities. Theme is another element to consider. Switching things up throughout your engagement is a fun option but designing invitations that will match and transfer across to your wedding day stationery, like your menus and place cards, will make for a solid overall look which is super classy!

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Basic Invite offer various ways that couples can personalise their wedding stationery designs, can you tell us more about such options?

Our customisation options are what help us stand apart from other online stationery vendors. Not only do we offer hundreds of wedding invitation designs and so many other products, we also offer 180 custom colour choices, 100 font styles, multiple paper types and card cuts, three foil colours in two styles, and almost every aspect of reach design can be edited or customised including wording, spacing, colour, and more!

Can couples order material samples and previews of stationery products before placing their final order?

Absolutely and it’s something we highly recommend. That way customers can see their invitations first hand before they order in full. Although our website shows edits in real time it’s still a good idea to see the final product before sending hundreds out.

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How do couples go about ordering their stationery through Basic Invite?

To shop at Basic Invite you simply head over to our website and use the category bar on the top of our site to search for the product you are looking for. Once you find the appropriate category you can shop by collection, theme, size, and more. In addition to filtering your options you can adjust your settings to be sorted by best sellers, new items, trending designs, etc.

Once you find the design you like just click and start customising. Once you’ve chosen a specific design your customisation options will be on the right-hand side where you can select your colours, edit your text, and choose from options like foil type, paper, card shape, and quantity.

The process is pretty self-explanatory once familiarised with our website and we even include estimated arrival dates, sample order options, and product details throughout the design process.

Can you share your five top tips for couples when choosing/designing their wedding invites?

Start shopping early.

Always add a touch of foil to your design. Why? Because it’s gorgeous!

Order several different design samples to get an idea of what you’re really going for.

Utilise our customer service and production team by purchasing designer assistance.

Opt for address printing. It makes your invitations look pristine and it’s free!

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What is the feedback like from wedding couples who use Basic Invite?

Feedback is super positive. Brides love the variety we have, the customisation options they can choose from, and the ease of using an online vendor for their invitations. We often get reviews stating those aspects in addition to the wow-factor of our high-quality products when brides receive their sample or order for the first time!

What trends are you spotting in stationery at the moment?

We’re seeing a couple of styles coming through – all things modern and innovative as well as the always popular watercolour washes and floral detail designs.

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What sets Basic Invite apart from other stationery companies?

Our customisation options are what makes us stand apart especially our colour options.

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Can you give us an idea on the price range of Basic Invite stationery and can you offer a discount to Brides Up North readers?

Prices range depending on the product, but most of our wedding invitations are as low as $0.99 per invite. With that said, we base our prices on quantity. So, the more you order the less each individual invitation will cost, but brides need to remember to take customisations and add-ons into consideration as some of the options are an additional cost.

Absolutely, Brides Up North readers can use code 15FF51 on our website for 15% off everything.

How can our readers get in touch/find out more about Basic Invite?

Our website has so many amazing resources to help customers navigate and get the most out of their experience. Our homepage is full of information and if you scroll all the way to the bottom we have a list of resources like wording examples, etiquette tips, and a breakdown of many of our services.

You can also follow Basic Invite on all social media platforms at @basicinvite, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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Anything else to share with our readers?

We do have a live chat feature on our website if anyone has any questions or needs assistance our customer service team is just a click away!

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