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02nd October 2018 | Rachel Hirst

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While certain wedding traditions have been thrown out with the sugared almonds, a confetti showering over the happy newlyweds is one that has stood the test of time and that continues to provide a key shot for the big day album.

A tick box for slightly further along the planning timeline, brides usually put in their confetti orders a few months ahead of the wedding when they have all details in place and so can tie in their colour choices with their chosen schemes and styling.

Though there’s more than just the colour palette to take into consideration when picking your confetti – such as quantities, how to distribute and display. As such, on the blog today we’re looking to our wonderful Sponsor, natural petal confetti growing experts Shropshire Petals, to answer some regularly asked confetti-related questions and unravel some common misconceptions in this area too. Confetti Moment - Pink Lemonade confetti £12.50 per litre (6)

Do I really need to provide confetti for my guests?

shropshire petals say: These days, wedding guests rarely think to bring confetti to a wedding, especially if couples haven’t specifically asked them to on their invitations. Providing confetti yourself is generally recommended by venues and photographers to ensure there is enough for everyone to throw to get that all-important confetti photo for the album. By providing it for your guests, you can even pick the colours of confetti you’d like, plus you can make sure it’s not going to harm the environment.

Why do wedding venues only allow biodegradable confetti?

Many venues like to make sure what your guests are throwing is environmentally friendly, especially if you’re getting married somewhere with animals roaming around or a venue that is listed or part of a heritage with strict restrictions. Most venues ask for you to provide biodegradable confetti because it will disintegrate into nothing within a few days of the confetti being thrown, so no one needs to pick it up and it’s not harmful to animals or plants either. It is just like blossom falling from a tree. Wonderland £12.50 per litre (2)

What’s the difference between paper confetti and natural biodegradable confetti?

Paper confetti comes in all colours, shapes and sizes, but unfortunately, it will take many years to degrade so will have to be removed after your wedding day, which usually means picking it up by hand. Paper confetti can also be harmful to plants and animals, and most venues won’t allow you to use it. Natural biodegradable confetti is made of real flower petals picked by hand to make sure they are the highest quality. Not only do they look beautiful, they are also eco-friendly, available in lots of dye-free colours, and add a high-quality feel to your wedding day.

Does it stain?

Shropshire Petals never dye any of their petals; every colour within their wide range is grown and dried in a way that preserves the natural colour, which reduces the risk of staining. Confetti Moment - Kaleidoscope confetti £12.50 per litre (5)

How long will the confetti last?

As natural petal confetti is made from dried flower petals, some petals like delphiniums or cornflowers will actually last for years when stored away from heat, moisture and light. It’s only when they are subject to the elements they start to naturally degrade. Other petals like roses only keep their colour for a short time, so make sure to order your confetti within three months of your wedding or opt for the Shropshire Petals delayed delivery service. The service allows you to order your confetti months or years in advance and have it delivered three to six weeks before your wedding date.

What are the best petals for throwing?

Smaller petals like delphiniums, cornflowers, calendula and even zinnias are the best for throwing confetti. They’re small, lightweight and gently flutter down to the floor giving your photographer plenty of time to take wonderful snaps of your confetti shot. Some couples like to add rose or hydrangea petals to their throwing confetti mix, which are great for a splash of colour. However, as they are heavier, they drop quicker than the smaller petals, so make sure they only make up a quarter of your chosen confetti mix. Pick and Mix of Icing Sugar, Honey'b, Frosted Blue and Blue Bird £12.50 per litre

How much confetti do I need?

It is a common misconception that all of your guests will throw confetti during your confetti moment. Shropshire Petals usually recommend providing enough petal confetti for at least half of your guests, that way there is enough confetti to get some cracking photos and you generally find the ladies throw more than the gents. One litre of petal confetti is enough for about 10-12 handfuls, so if you’ve got 100 guests, five litres of confetti would be perfect for half of them to throw. However, recently couples are opting for more confetti than they need as they like to do more than one confetti shot and get creative with their confetti too.

Are there other uses for confetti?

It’s becoming more and more popular to use your confetti in a photobooth so your guests can have fun throwing at each other, which makes for some spectacular and fun photographs of your guests. Alternatively, you can use confetti as table decorations, or even add a scattering of petals along the aisle for a romantic feature. Golding Photography Laura and Will (credit -

Golding Photography

If it rains on my wedding day, I won’t be able to have my confetti moment

Confetti can be thrown anywhere and at any time. You don’t have to stick to the tradition of throwing it after your ceremony outside. Petal confetti can be used all year around as the petals are dried, so even if you’re planning a winter wedding and the weather isn’t looking hopeful you can still throw on your big day! Make sure to speak to your wedding venue about a plan B if the weather isn’t looking very pleasant, you might find having the confetti throw indoors works just as well, if not better, especially if your venue has a beautiful staircase you can ask guests to throw down from above.

Can I choose my petal colours?

Shropshire Petals have a Pick & Mix option on their website that allows you to mix any petals you’d like. We then mix them in our petal shed by hand and ship them out to you ready for your big day. There are around 167,000 combinations, so you can really get creative and produce your own unique confetti mix. Chantelle and James - Lace Personalised Cones with Winters Morn (image credit - (2)

Martin C Photography

Shropshire Petals grow 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly natural petal confetti on their farm, which is all delicately handpicked, naturally dried and each order is lovingly hand packed. Choose your unique petal confetti mix, personalise your confetti packaging or choose from a wide range of display options. You can order some confetti samples to see what it will look like before you buy. If your venue is unsure about confetti, take your sample to show them exactly what your guests will be throwing.

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