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friday fabulous: weddings at the kp resort

06th November 2018 | Rachel Parry

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Kilnwick Percy Resort (16)

Over time we are seeing choice in weddings increase and expand; from the numerous venues you can now pick for your big day setting, to the differing styles of ceremony you can choose, and don’t even get us started on the epic options for bridalwear, with varying fashion-forward dress designs, plus separates and jumpsuits all in the offering!

Another area we’ve noticed opening up is the day on which you get married, for while Saturday has always reined supreme, an increase in the venues available means you can tie the knot pretty much any time of the week – offering great flexibility, and also often a saving on cost!

And so, with this in mind we’re today talking to our wonderful Sponsor, stunning Yorkshire venue The KP Resort, about their new Friday Wedding Package. Reacting to demand for nuptials on this particular day of the week, they’ve put together a dedicated Friday 2019 package that provides a more affordable option but still the same level of care, service and attention to detail.

Furthermore, those who take up the Friday option will also get a free overnight stay in The KP’s spectacular Huxtable Suite the night before the wedding free of charge!

The thought of marring at this picturesque venue and spreading the celebrations across more than just one day is certainly enough to have us hooked, but just in case you needed anymore convincing, The KP team are here to tell us more about that fabulous package along with the benefits of saying “I do” to a Friday wedding.

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the kp team say: Friday weddings may not be the stereotypical norm, but they are getting more and more popular with bride- and grooms-to-be. And there are so many pros in doing so – let us talk you through them…

When picturing your wedding day, you’ve probably always envisioned getting married on a Saturday but, have you ever thought about getting married on a Friday? The KP Resort wedding venue in Pocklington has noted the growing popularity of Friday weddings and now offers a dedicated package around this.

First of all, let’s get one thing straight – a wedding is a celebration of love any day of the week. Whether you get married on a week day or weekend, there really isn’t that much difference apart from one (major!) thing – the price!

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Getting married on a Friday can offer a much more affordable option without lacking on luxury or important elements of the wedding that you have dreamed of. What’s more, if you take advantage of The KP Resort Friday Wedding Package you will have access to a spacious dance floor, wedding aisle carpet runner, cake knife and stand, easel for your table plan and candles. All of this is included as standard in order to give you the wedding day of your dreams with less elements for you to have to organise.

It’s not just the daytime and evening festivities which are taken into consideration in this Friday wedding package, with The KP Resort also including a free stay in the luxurious Huxtable Suite the night before. This means no rushing to the venue as you’re already practically there, giving you more time to enjoy the morning of your wedding day, getting ready with your family and close friends, whilst more importantly – getting a good sleep before the big day in a super king-sized bed! Oh, and you can even start your wedding morning with a dip in the hot tub if it takes your fancy.

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One consideration which people often tend to question when considering getting married on a Friday is the impact that this could have on their guests. How are they going to get to the venue on time? Will they be able to get the time off work? We have a couple of top tips for inviting guests to a Friday wedding which will minimise these potential obstacles.

The first tip is to hand out invitations with plenty of notice – this way guests are able to book time off work if needed, make childcare arrangements and also organise transportation to ensure that they arrive at the venue on time.

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Speaking of time, another top tip when hosting a Friday wedding is to have the ceremony begin a little later on in the day, this will allow guests plenty of time to arrive to your special day. One of the advantages of booking to have your wedding at a venue which also offers accommodation is that your far travelling guests will have the option of booking to stay overnight the evening before. The KP Resort provides this option, with a range of multi-story log cabin style holiday lodges and quirky hotel pods to choose from on site to help ensure that your travelling guests can attend the big day without the panic of arriving on time. Instead they can arrive the day before, stay in a beautiful well-equipped accommodation and attend your special day without the stress of travelling on the morning of.

Guests at your wedding could even turn attending your wedding day into a weekend break at The KP Resort, giving them the whole weekend to rest and recover from your big day (another massive pro). Whilst on site, they can take advantage of the luxurious facilities which include an opulent spa and bask in the delights of the area during their stay. This includes the wonderful historic city of York and its many historic sites of interest and visitor attractions which draw tourists from around the globe.

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We’re sure that you would never regret your decision to choose a Friday wedding and opting for the KP Resorts exclusive Friday package would ensure that you would have access to everything you could possibly ask for on what is sure to be one of the best days of your life at a fraction of the price.

To find out more information about The KP Resort Friday Wedding Package, or to arrange a viewing of the venue, please contact us directly on 01759 303 090 or email weddings@thekp.co.uk – we look forward to hearing from you!

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