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Express Yourself: Big day stationery by Paperlust

13th December 2018 | Rachel Hirst

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As self-confessed stationery-addicts (you know, the type that buys a new notebook on every shopping trip even though we have five unused ones stacked up on our desk!), this is one wedding detail that we just can’t get enough of!

From save the dates and invites through to on-the-day paper goods such as menus, name places and table plans, we love seeing what designs couples pick and how this reflects and enhances their chosen theme and colour scheme.

We are therefore delighted to be delivering some serious stationery eye-candy on the blog today courtesy of fabulous online supplier Paperlust, whose website is brimming with utterly gorgeous designs for all style preferences and tastes.

Personal faves for us include the chic Nouveau letterpress invites and the Rose et Gris collection with elegant metallic foil *swoons* – but with option to customise designs, couples assisted by Paperlust’s talented designers can create something truly unique for their special day.

So, let’s hand over to the experts themselves to explain more about their stunning stationery, individual approach and flawless service…

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Can you give us a little background on Paperlust and tell us about what you offer to brides and grooms?

Paperlust say: Paperlust was founded in 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. It is a platform that exists to connect print design lovers with work from top designers. We sell personalised stationery and custom invitation and card designs for all occasions, including weddings. We offer a range of premium stationery options, including real foil, raised foil, letterpress, digital print, white ink, photo cards, print on wood and vellum. We ship our stationery worldwide, including to the USA, Canada, the UK and Europe, offering free express shipping for orders over $300 USD. Express shipping arrives two to four days after dispatch from Melbourne.

Why do you think that stationery plays such a key role in a wedding?

Stationery is so crucial in a wedding because it sets the tone for the entire event. Investing in quality stationery shows guests how much you value this special day, and their friendship. Not only does it provide friends and family with all the vital event information, but a beautiful invitation will grace a fridge or a scrapbook for months or even years to come. Why not provide keepsakes of such a special time?

What would you advise for couples to make a real impact with their save the dates/wedding invitations?

Couples first need to choose whether they want to match their save the dates to their wedding suite or view the save the date as a separate item. With both save the dates and wedding invites, we say the more creative the better. If you can think of something your guests haven’t seen, you’ve put your unique stamp on the wedding from the get-go.

What on the day stationery should couples consider ?

Elegant stationery can be a nice subtle nod to your theme. Choosing the right on the day stationery can make the decor look more cohesive as well as directing guests. The combinations are endless but the essentials for a typical wedding are:

  • Order of ceremony
  • Table plans/seating charts
  • Place cards
  • Menus
  • Table numbers

These items will help your wedding day run smoothly and prevent a hundred and one people approaching you or your spouse for directions/clarification. Totally worth it!

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Can you tell us about the style of Paperlust stationery?

We create stunning invitations for lots of different themes, demographics and events, but our signature style is simple, modern and fresh – a new take on classic ideas.

Paperlust couples have the option to customise their stationery – which elements can they tailor and how does this help them put a personal stamp on their paper goods?

Everyone wants their wedding to reflect them as a couple, so we do our best to facilitate that. Using our online design tool, they can change any of the wording or logos/monograms to make the invitation not only reflect their event but also sound like them. If you wouldn’t phrase something a certain way, change it! This gives customers the opportunity to add humour, in jokes or native language etc. Some of our designs contain images that you can replace with your own (most commonly photo wedding thank you cards) and if you don’t like a design element you can request to delete/edit in when checking out. We even allow people to put in requests via smartphone and our copywriters make the design edits for them and send them back for approval.

What areas of the wedding would you advise couples to think about when choosing their stationery?

If you have an overall wedding theme, your stationery design should ideally fit that, even if it doesn’t directly match. Subtle is often better but steer clear of too much variety as it can end up looking messy and confused. Consider the level of formality at your event as well as the location and bridal party colours/outfits. Basically, what you’re trying to avoid is any element in your wedding sticking out like a sore thumb. You’re aiming for continuity and elegant style – even if it’s a casual wedding.

What makes Paperlust stand out?

At Paperlust we don’t make you fit into our mould or style – we allow you to express your individuality through customising a totally personal design, with the option of printing your own design or commissioning one of our designers to create an invitation suite from scratch. Our work is created by designers all over the world and instead of being competition for independent creatives, we support them by showcasing their work and providing well-deserved commissions.

What do your customers say about your products and service?

We have overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers and part of the Paperlust vision is to create lifetime customers. We aim to smash it out of the ballpark first time so that you come back for all of your family’s special events. Customers love the personalisation, the free consultations, the fact that we’re easy to get in touch with – as well as our free shipping, complimentary envelopes and customer satisfaction guarantee. We keep working until we get it right.

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What trends are you noticing in wedding stationery?

Some current trends we’ve noticed in wedding stationery:

  • Boarding pass/destination wedding invites
  • Foiling
  • Greenery/foliage
  • Romantic dark and moody colours/tones

Some hot new stationery trends to look out for:

  • Vellum
  • Bright and colourful envelope liners

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