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Golden Advice: Top Tips from Real Brides Up North

01st February 2019 | Rachel Hirst

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We’re back with another instalment of words of wedded wisdom from the most recent brides to have graced our pretty pages. If we’ve said it once, we’ll say it again – these are the people in the know when it comes to steering you along what can be a bit of a bumpy wedding planning path.

It’s great that many of their thoughts centre on really enjoying and absorbing that planning process though – as they point out you are organising a really special occasion, and the run up is quality time you can spend with your other half, family and friends as you piece together your perfect big day.

These ladies sure have thought of everything; from sourcing the right suppliers and accepting help where offered, to prioritising what’s most important and putting your bridesmaids and groomsmen to good use! After all if you can’t make a few diva demands on your wedding day, when can you?!

We’re also thrilled to read in their comments how useful they found Brides Up North in the planning of their stunning celebrations; from taking inspiration from our beautiful featured real weddings, to using our handy online directory to locate top local suppliers and also visiting our Luxury Wedding Shows that we host at top venues across the north. And with our Spring season of events having just got underway, you can follow in their wise planning footsteps.

Now, on with those pearls of wisdom as our featured brides complete the following sentence – “My top tip to other Brides Up North would be…”

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I believe in a thing called love. Colour & confetti for a DIY wedding in Hebden Bridge – Maddy & Mike

Maddy says: Make a little list of things you want to be super special, then you can direct more time and money into these, rather than the things you care less about.

I loved reading the real weddings section on Brides Up North in the early stages of my wedding planning. Seeing what was actually achievable meant I didn’t limit my ideas and vision for our day, and we ended up with it being even more amazing than we thought it could be!

Beneath the trees: An outdoor humanist wedding at The Woodman Inn – Rosie & Michael

Rosie says: Choose your venue and photographer early. And set your budget! Plan together – it can become quite stressful and you spend so much time planning. I heard so many stories where the brides did everything and I am so glad we did it together. Mike even sat through the flower appointments, but it was all time we could spend together and we both knew exactly what we wanted and what the day would look like.

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Ain’t no mountain high enough. Martina Liana for a stylish wedding at The Normans, North Yorkshire – Dani & Andy

Dani says: Make sure the wedding is personal, it’s so easy to see things online that look like great ideas, but you have to think about using those ideas and making them personal to you. We would also recommend that the bride and groom take time to spend with each other, the day goes by so quickly but it’s important to remember to celebrate the moment with each other too.

Greatest adventure. Caroline Castigliano for a summer’s wedding at Hooton Pagnell Hall – Rosina & Liam

Rosina says: Don’t sweat the small stuff, nobody really notices all the little things, which you may be worrying about in the run up. Everybody there is someone you care about, so there’s no need to be nervous, everyone will be in good spirits as they are happy for you and that’s really what makes a good day.

Enjoy the day because it goes so quickly but also don’t be sad it’s over because what’s on the other side is even better and you have great memories to look back on to start married life together.

Also, where possible use suppliers recommended by others. Our caterer was recommended and was hugely experienced, so she thought of things which hadn’t even crossed our minds. She also played a huge role in setting up on the day and tidying up the day after which we completely took for granted until we realised all that she had done.

Finally, I was constantly checking Brides Up North during the wedding planning, especially on Instagram. I found inspiration from the real weddings featured. There are so many unique and great ideas out there and it’s such a help finding them all in one place.

Fortune & love. Made with Love for a coastal wedding in the North East – Sarah & Ollie

Sarah says: Do what you both want. Weddings can become about other people’s requests or what people think ‘should’ happen. Design a day that suits you both and don’t feel pressured to have something for the sake of it. Secondly, set a budget at the beginning and stick to it. We were pretty good with deciding from the outset what were essentials and what we didn’t actually want or need, but it is still easy to get caught up in the spending once you get going!

Castle in the sky. Pronovias for an elegant wedding at Appleby Castle – Francesca & Richard

Francesca says: Try to enjoy the planning process. It’s easy to get bogged down by the details, but everyone is there to support you and your partner, and honestly, they probably won’t notice if the ribbon colour is a slightly different colour to the tablecloth!

Also, remember to spend time with the person you’re marrying! The best comment I’ve heard about our wedding, both from people who were there on the day and friends who couldn’t make it, is how happy Richard and I look. I really believe that’s because we were a team throughout the process and made sure we had date nights regularly to keep us both sane!

During the planning I read the real wedding sections on Brides Up North for inspiration and to pick up tips for ways to make the day more special. I was struggling to find suppliers within Manchester, so used the directory to see what was available too.

School of love. Catherine Deane for a sophisticated wedding in St Andrews – Laura & Tom

Laura says: Stay true to your style and personalities and make the day your own. It’s great that there is so much inspiration at your fingertips, but this can make it easy to get carried away and lose sight of what feels right for you. If you and your family and friends are particularly crafty, then the DIY approach can be a great way to achieve the personal touches and can help to save money too!

On weddings days we wear pink. An elegant wedding at Le Petit Chateau – Katie & Anthony

Katie says: Honestly, I think wedding planning can be stressful but on the day the love you feel will be all that really matters. My biggest tip therefore is to try not to stress over the small details, it all comes together in the end.

When we first got engaged, we visited a Brides Up North wedding fair which really helped us to begin planning our big day. It helped us to focus on everything that we needed to consider – and it was great fun!

Baby you’re a firework. A winter’s wedding at The West Mill – Stacey & Sarah

Sarah says: Try and relax in the run up to the wedding, maybe plan a trip away if you can. We found that a couple of weeks before the wedding we were both getting nervous and a little stressed. We had to force ourselves to relax so that we could enjoy every second.

Also – spreadsheets, spreadsheets, spreadsheets. We had a lot of plans on the go to help us with check lists and also keep a tab on the budget. And if you’re not having a videographer get someone to record the speeches. We had a family member record them and we’re so glad we did!

We found Brides Up North great for inspiration and also used the directories on the website to help research suppliers.

Simple love. An elegant wedding at Dalston Hall Hotel – Tyne & Tom

Tyne says: Do what you both want, and don’t argue over little things, do what makes you both happy. It is your day – no one else’s – so don’t let them tell you what to do. And just enjoy your day when it comes around because it goes in a flash. Go and see loads of venues, attend wedding fairs, try on as many dresses as you need to and enjoy those memories made while planning too.

True elegance. A summer’s wedding at Iscoyd Park – Hannah & Graeme

Hannah says: Enjoy every little element of the planning and the lead up to the wedding and make the most out of family and friends who can help you with the little details, such as favours. We had lots of help from our parents, from adding final touches to our favours to helping me paint a doughnut wall!

Urban class. Ronald Joyce for an autumn wedding at Oh Me Oh My – Jen & Sam

Jen says: See a few venues before you make a choice – we knew Oh Me Oh My was right for us after seeing others that just didn’t quite tick all the boxes. And just have fun – everyone says it, but the day goes too quickly and honestly it is the most amazing fun day and so special to spend it with everyone you love.

Floral fancy. Halfpenny London for a classic wedding at Dorfold Hall – Jo & Ed

Jo says: Enjoy the preparation – you will never get this time again, being able to spend time with family and friends. We are both very lucky to have really supportive families, so they totally trusted us to plan the day we wanted. Relax and don’t get stressed because it is not worth it. Ed ‘s top tip is to ensure you have a well organised wife-to-be!

I loved looking at the real weddings on Brides Up North for ideas, dress and flower inspiration, and looking at what flowers would be in season for May. The directory was also really useful.

You are gold. A pretty wedding in Pontefract – Jennifer & Josh

Jennifer says: Take each moment in with every inch of your body because you’ll blink and it’ll all be over, and dance until your feet hurt. But mostly be calm, especially the bride, if you need something or something isn’t right, get your bridesmaids or your groomsmen to sort it! After all that’s what they are there for!

Whisky & copper. A rustic wedding at Broughton Hall – Nicola & Scott

Nicola says: I had a lot to do, even on the day. From making sure we took everything out of the church, to making sure tables and chairs were moved from the dancefloor and tiering-up our wedding cake in my dress in the kitchen. It was worth it but very hard work, so my top tip would be: get as much help as you can. If I had to do it again, I think I’d get some help from a wedding planner.

Also, be aware, the morning when you get ready goes so quickly – I felt I didn’t get a chance to take that part in enough.

Bloomin’ beautiful: Roses & gyp for a rustic wedding at The Oak Tree of Peover – Sophie & Sam

Sophie says: Book your favourite suppliers as soon as you can to avoid disappointment. Take it all in, from the engagement straight through to the wedding day (everyone says it, but it really does go fast). Enjoy your day and try not to worry about anyone else bar yourself and your husband, the day is your day and it really is such a magical experience.

I also used Brides Up North quite a lot whilst planning. We went to a couple of Brides Up North wedding fairs, which I found very useful for ideas, top tips and plenty of inspiration. I also was hooked on reading the real weddings section of the website and followed all the posts on Instagram etc. for loads of ideas and inspiration. I found it all super helpful whilst planning our big day.

Garden couture. A magical at home wedding in Lincoln – Olivia & Gareth

Olivia says: Be organised and don’t let the small stuff stress you out. Get the big stuff done early, it’ll be a weight off your mind! Most importantly just enjoy it together, your planning one of the most special days, it’s not something to get worked up over.

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