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05th March 2019 | Julia Braime

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What better way to see you through your Tuesday than with a good dose of dress candy, as today we’re introducing international bridal brand, CocoMelody.

Priding itself on providing dreamy wedding dresses for all budgets and all sizes of brides, the brand offers a wide variety of styles and silhouettes, with an option available to tick every box. From traditional princess-style A-lines to slinky, sleeved numbers and those in simple plain fabrics to those featuring head-turning detailing, there really is something for all.

Furthermore, CocoMelody can help deliver on the bridal accessories and bridesmaid dresses too, enabling brides to tackle several actions on their planning ‘to do’ list in just one swoop.

So, let us handover to the brand’s team to tell us more about their approach and designs while showcasing some of their gorgeous gowns.

Can you give us a brief overview of CocoMelody and what it offers to brides?

CocoMelody say: We are an international bridal brand providing high quality wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, accessories and occasion dresses at affordable prices!

We are proud of our part in making wedding dreams come true for over 19 years. We always believe that every bride deserves a gorgeous dress to wear on her big day, no matter how much her budget is, no matter what size she is! We look forward to helping more and more brides find their dream dresses without breaking the bank!

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Can you tell us about the designers behind CocoMelody and the style of wedding dresses that you offer?

We have our own designer team led by our chief designer – Puey Quinones. We offer wedding dresses in all silhouettes and sizes; we also offer custom-sizing option so that the bride can find the dress no matter what size she is.

How would you advise brides-to-be to go about finding their dream dress?

Always have an open mind, when it comes to trying on wedding dresses do not limit yourself only to what you know. When you try dresses ask your stylist if they are able to assist you in suggesting styles that they think will look good on you. You should also choose a dress that is not only makes you feel beautiful but also make sure that you are comfortable in it as well.

Are there any particular styles of wedding dresses that are finding are proving popular at the moment?

You can’t beat the classic A-line dresses because every bride will always look good in an A-line. Although recently we have seen a lot of brides leaning more towards a more fitted silhouette, like trumpets, mermaids and fit and flares. Off-shoulder-designs are also proving popular too!

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Looking ahead to upcoming trends, what styles of dresses do you envisage those marrying in 2020 will be choosing?

We’re seeing a lot of modern brides-to-be starting to opt for coloured dresses rather than wearing traditional ivory or white. Instead we are talking champagne, blush, baby blue, pastel colours and even black. It goes to show that a lot of brides are stepping away from traditional when it comes to colour.

Brides can also shop for their accessories on CocoMelody. Can you give us an overview of the types of accessories you stock?

At CocoMelody we offer a variety of accessories, such as veils, headpieces, belts, boleros, tiaras, jewellery and more. The small details all help in completing a bride’s big day look.

What would you say is going to be the next big thing in bridal accessories?

Longer veils and grander tiaras. More brides have started wearing extravagant veils and tiaras on their big day, after the Royal Wedding of 2018 – we guess every bride wants to feel like a princess on their special day.

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CocoMelody also stocks a wide range of bridesmaid dresses, can you tell us about the styles of dresses currently available?

We carry a variety of bridesmaid dresses. Our styles for bridesmaid dresses include off-shoulder necklines, spaghetti straps, lace and illusion sleeves, a little bit of ruching or pleating at the bodice, one-shoulder and some bling. In terms of fabric we have the ever-popular chiffon and tulle.

What colour palettes are currently on trend for bridesmaids and can you predict any future trends in this area?

A lot of brides go for a light blush/pink or nude color as their wedding colour. Violet, purple and coral are very popular colours too since they were the Pantone color of the year 2018 and 2019 respectively.

Can you tell us about the service that you provide to brides-to-be during their shopping experience with CocoMelody to ensure they find the dress that is right for them?

We have professional stylists that will be assisting you for your appointment. We are also able to measure you and we have fitting shells available so we can find out your true size and find out how different dress silhouettes will fit you.

What is the process of buying a dress through CocoMelody and what would you say to brides who are worried about buying a dress online?

You can set up an appointment online or call us to visit and try our dresses in our flagship store in Downtown L.A. California. We offer a variety of styles and sizes for different types of brides. If you are from out of the country and are afraid to order online, you can join our Facebook group and look up reviews from real brides who bought their wedding dresses from CocoMelody.

Any other exciting news to share?

We are opening a pop-up shop in New York! We hope to do some more pop-ups in the near future.

Finally, please can you give your top five wedding dress shopping tips?

  1. Do your homework and look at styles that you like or what you imagine yourself wearing on your big day.
  2. Take only a few people shopping with you whom you trust and get their honest opinions. Too many opinions will just confuse you and it will make it harder for you to decide on your dress.
  3. Have an open mind when trying on dresses. It’s good to have an idea of you want to wear on your big day but sometimes you try the dress, but you don’t love it and instead, fall for something completely different that you’d never considered.
  4. Shop early and do not wait last minute to get your dress. In some stores you would need to order dresses which takes months. You also need to take into account alterations after receiving your dress.
  5. Take note of the difference between street sizing and formal dress sizing. Normally you would be two sizes higher than your regular clothes.
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