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28th March 2019 | Rachel Hirst

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Long gone are the days when the realms of wedding entertainment didn’t stretch much beyond a church choir and DJ, with a whole host of exciting options now available for differing parts of the celebrations.

From creating the perfect ambience when your guests first arrive at the venue, to ice-breakers during the drinks reception and full-on floor-filling musicians for the evening, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

But not to overwhelm or confuse, we’ve invited our super-knowledgeable Sponsor Entertainment Nation to the blog today to give an insight as to what types of acts you could hire in to excite and enthuse your guests; suggesting which elements of the wedding they would best suit, and how they can enhance the overall big day experience.

So, whether you are looking to book just one musician for a particular special moment in the proceedings, or are planning to invest a chunk of the budget on a number of top acts to perform throughout the day, the following recommendations from the guys at Entertainment Nation should see you right considering their glowing reputation as one of the UK’s leading entertainment agencies with an impressive portfolio of artists on their books.

String Quartets

Entertainment Nation say: Picture your wedding day and the ceremony is probably at the forefront of your mind – after all, that’s the whole purpose of the celebrations! Classical music will never go out of fashion when it comes to wedding ceremony entertainment, and classical tunes like Pachelbel’s Canon, Wagner’s Bridal Chorus and the Prince of Denmark’s March sound more elegant than ever when performed by a beautiful live string quartet.

Acoustic Singer-Guitarists

Parts of your big day are going to require unobtrusive music to encourage mixing and mingling, but you don’t want to scrimp on impact or quality in the middle of the day! That’s where acoustic singer-guitarists come in. These talented artists know how to make mellow and romantic atmospheres with their stripped backed covers of popular songs.

If you hire a wedding band for your evening party, see if they offer an acoustic daytime set and kill two birds with one stone! An acoustic singer-guitarist might also be the perfect way to enjoy a tender rendition of your first dance song and could even play you or your loved one down the aisle – versatility makes acoustic musicians one of the best kinds of live act to invite to your wedding day.

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What is it about the harp that is so enchanting? Is it that it’s one of the oldest instruments in the world? Maybe it’s the fragility of the melodies that work the heart so easily? Perhaps it’s the mere presence and shape of such an elegantly carved and unique instrument? Whatever reason you have for loving the harp, you’re more than justified in hiring a professional harpist for your big day. Divinity accompanies these skilful musicians and there’s no better way to bring heavenly vibes into your venue and pour on the romance.


The long, low drone washed by evocative melodies make the pipes one of the most moving instruments on this list. Its long history of association with marching bands and epic sagas gives it a power few other solo instruments can enjoy. A talented piper does the ultimate justice to the New Britain melody of Amazing Grace and no other instrument could create such a rousing tribute to Scottish folk tradition with The Skye Boat Song.


A Toastmaster is a great live accompaniment to your whole day, and this is where his talents will shine too – he’ll arrange the after-dinner speeches and keep the event on schedule and ensure your evening entertainment starts playing on time. Seems like he should come as standard, if you ask us!


But what if you’re worried there’ll be no mixing and mingling at all, and your two families will have nothing to talk about when at last they meet? That’s where magicians come in! A magician always gives people something to talk about – because your guests will be trying to make sense of what they’ve just seen! Everyone loves seeing live magic conjured before their very eyes, and if nothing else, a magician will certainly let people loosen up with ingenious tricks and razor-sharp repartee.

Singing Waiters

Imagine your guests’ surprise when their waiter spontaneously breaks out into song. They’ll recover from the shock quickly and before they know it, will be laughing and singing along with these charismatic entertainers. If you hire a surprise singing waiter act, nobody will forget your wedding breakfast in a hurry!

Vintage-Themed Bands

Is your wedding day vintage themed? If you want to be really convincing, then you need to invite a vintage band over! Nothing will get your friends and family in the mood to shake, rattle and roll like the retro exuberance of a rock ‘n’ roll band! Or why not take a trip back to the 1950s Las Vegas and schmooze to some Rat Pack Swing? Oh, and if you don’t want to be limited to the songs of yesteryear, mix things up by inviting a Postmodern Jukebox style band who’ll reimagine your favourite contemporary songs in addictive vintage style.

Function Bands

There’s a reason function bands are so popular when it comes to wedding reception entertainment. It’s one of the few times in your life you’re likely to hire a live band, so why miss the opportunity? Getting your guests having a great time on the dance floor isn’t as simple as throwing together any old party songs though – no, you need to know how to gauge the crowd and give them what they want!

Professional wedding function bands are experts at this – matching the high points with up-tempo dance tunes and letting the crowd breathe with slower ballads. They put their years of experience into giving you and your guests a pulsating performance that’ll let your reception live on in everyone’s minds forever!

DJs and Live Musicians

A trendy alternative to the traditional live wedding band or wedding DJ that blends the best aspects of both. DJ Live acts grew in popularity on the sun-drenched party islands of the Balearic, where saxophonists would give live performances of the intoxicating melodies of house anthems, sending clubbers into raptures. These acts have now made their way into the wedding industry for a thrilling wedding reception with a difference.

Finding your Dream Wedding Entertainment

Has our list helped you work out which kind of live act you’ll be looking for on your wedding day? Remember, this is your special occasion, and only you can decide what’s right for your theme!

If you’ve found any of our suggestions interesting, you can find all the acts mentioned above plus many more with the team over at Entertainment Nation.


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