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Strike a pose. Introducing Viva La Booth

11th April 2019 | Rachel Hirst

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If you’re looking to raise the party element of your wedding to next-level-fun, then you’re going to love our new Sponsor that we are introducing on the blog today.

Born out of Yorkshire, Viva La Booth is a photo booth experience with a difference, boasting a cool, chic open-air design, on-trend backdrops and the most imaginative of props – extra-large Panda head anyone?

Run by husband and wife team, Dom and Jen, this lively duo are well experienced in the wedding industry with their film and planning specialities enabling them to deliver the very best service and images for you and your guests.

As well as having an absolute hoot posing for pics (the fun increasing by the glasses of prosecco consumed!), the Viva La Booth not only provides hours of entertainment but also a long-lasting reminder of the day via instant print outs that your guests can take away with them and also add to your guest book. Sounds fabulous, right?! Well then, let’s hand over to the Viva La Booth team to tell us more…

Can you give us a brief overview of Viva La Booth and tell us how the business came to fruition?

Dom and Jen say: Viva La Booth was born out of a gap in the market for a cool photo booth. We saw all these stunning venues and beautifully styled weddings and they were crying out for a luxury photo booth.

Can you tell us a little about the team and the service you deliver?

We are a husband and wife team and are photographers by trade. We want to bring a luxury and fun experience with our photo booth and give you and your guests the best experience and service.

Dom is a cinematographer, making wedding and event films throughout the world. He has a key eye for design and colour. He has ensured the booth looks fantastic, that the system runs super smooth and the quality of the images are second to none. He knows what makes a good picture.

And Jen knows what makes a good party! Top of her game at organising and planning, there’s not a list that hasn’t been made to cover your booth requirements. Jen is on the pulse with fashion and design and is constantly working on new ideas to make sure your booth, backdrop and props are leading the way. Jen will make sure your booth is party ready and your booking is managed efficiently. She’ll make sure your Viva La Booth goes with a bang, and your images are ready to download to relive the fun. Jen is full of ideas and enthusiasm to make your party the one to remember and would love to work with you on bringing your ideas to life.

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What attracted you to the world of weddings and what do you love about working in the industry?

We have worked in the world of weddings for more than ten years. We love the magic of a wedding, the whole build-up, the excitement and capturing the day unfold. We love being part of the planning and the journey to the day too.

Can you tell us about your photobooth and what sets it apart from others?

The coolest photo booth around. There are no plastic boxes and curtain drapes here. We wanted our photo booth to add to the style of your wedding and be a talking point. Our mid-century modern take is leading the way in photo booth design and really is a showstopper seen up close. Handmade in Yorkshire, the oak booth encases the most up to date photo technology. Meaning the Viva La Booth not only looks the part but takes bright flawless images against a studio back drop, then prints out instantly. The open-air style means that everyone gets involved and is a great source of entertainment too. We have the most unique and eclectic props, including our exclusive Viva La Booth bear heads which cannot be seen anywhere else (those cheeky bears). Our luxe leather guest book ensures that you have all fun captured to keep.

Can you tell us how your range of backdrops and props enhance to booth experience?

The backdrops (which you stand in front of to have your picture taken) are selected by us and are exclusive to Viva La Booth. The backdrops are studio quality meaning you get a flawless crease-free, bright image. We have these handmade and are design led, based around the most current fashions and trends in wedding styling and design. We have the most unique and eclectic box of props. We are always on the lookout for new props and source them worldwide to bring you something new.

How can couples personalise the photobooth further?

If you have a theme, style or colour scheme we can create a bespoke backdrop for you. Also, all our packages include personalisation on the instant printed pictures, so you can have you names or monogram on the prints as well as the date for a wonderful token and memory for you and your guests.

Why would you encourage couples to hire a photobooth for their wedding, how can it add to their day?

The photo booth ticks so many boxes. It provides entrainment for your guests, photographs of guests you would not usually get together, a gift for the guests to take away, and a luxury recycled leather guest book for you to look back and remember the day. Such value in one supplier.

What parts of the day do you think the booth is best suited to?

The booth is a party starter and is best suited to the evening. Going from day to night it provides entertainment for your guests and as the evening goes on, the more fun they seem to have – you can hear the laughing coming from the photo booth.

Can you give us a brief overview of the packages you offer and what they include?

All our packages are fully inclusive and provide everything you need for a luxury photo booth experience. We are there for three hours where you have unlimited pictures and prints, personalised wording on the prints, an online gallery to download the digital images, a luxury backdrop, box of props and our Viva La Booth bear heads. Also included is a recycled leather guest book in a presentation box. We set the booth up and take it down and stay with it to make sure you and your guests have the most fun.

What is the feedback like from wedding couples about Viva La Booth, what do they love about the product and service?

Here, read for yourself…

“Viva la Booth are amazing- we wanted a photo booth for our wedding party but really debated it as we have found others to be really poor quality or have naff props and because you’ve got a mountain of costs to manage, you want to spend your budget on quality stuff, which Viva La Booth was from start to finish. The quality of the props is boutique festival standard, the lighting is amazing (our friends said they look like supermodels) and it just looks gorge in your venue. It became this constant area that people could have fun in and really helps give your guests something to do in the evening (I think weddings are sometimes long days with lots of small chat – give people stuff to do!) I can’t also explain how lovely it was to have an immediate photo-book signed by guests the morning after. You obviously have to wait weeks for official pics and as a couple you just want to see what it all looked like as you’ve only been able to take in so much as the bride and groom. I’ve gone on too much here – just get Viva La Booth!”

Can you give us an idea of price?

Prices start from £525.

How can our readers get in touch or find out more about Viva La Booth?

We’re a friendly bunch – email us at hello@vivalabooth, also have a look at our Instagram page as it has lots of pictures of the booth in action.

Any other exciting news to share?

We are soon to be launching our luxury package which will take your photo booth experience to the next level.


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