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Dress to impress. 2019 Wedding Guest Outfit Trends from Simply Be

21st April 2019 | Rachel Hirst

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Chances are that if you’re currently planning a wedding then you will soon be attending one as a guest too, as you and your friends, siblings and cousins move through the relationship status ranks at similar times – dating, exclusive, engaged!

Offering perhaps a welcome distraction from your own big day planning, this is an occasion for you to get glammed up, absorb some ideas and let your hair down – the only possible stress being what to wear? In a bid to assist, leading curve and plus-size ladies clothing brand Simply Be is taking over the blog this afternoon to talk top wedding guest outfit trends whilst showcasing gorgeous designs from their current collections.

Proving that style has no size, Simply Be offers fashion that fits in sizes 12 to 32, encouraging women to forget the fear and truly embrace who they are. Hell yeah to that! And so, we will leave you in the team’s expert hands to help inspire a wedding guest wardrobe that wows!

Simply Be says: Weddings provide you with the perfect opportunity to dress up. But, shopping for your outfit can be a bit tricky. There is a lot of choice and quite a few things you need to bear in mind while deciding what to wear. That includes the location, what the weather is likely to be like and what is on trend. To help you to narrow down your options, below, we show you some of the key trends for spring and summer 2019.

Maxi dresses

There is something really glamorous about a full-length dress, which is why maxi dresses are the perfect summer wedding guest attire. A stunning floaty design will look particularly nice teamed with a pair of feminine strappy sandals. They come in a huge array of colours, fabrics and cuts, so there really is an option for all!

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Asymmetrical necklines

Keep an eye out for asymmetrical necklines. These striking and fashionable designs are a particularly good option for late weddings where the evening reception follows on directly after the wedding and so the party gets underway sharpish!

Shift dresses

If you do not like long dresses take a look at some of the mid-length ones, instead. This year, simple shift dresses are a hot trend. For a wedding, choose something that is made from a high-quality, relatively heavy fabric. You will be sitting down for long periods of the day, so you need to choose a material that does not wrinkle easily.

Classy neutrals

Winter whites have started to give way to neutral tones. These are super classy when you pull them together in the right way. For a wedding, opt for glossy fabrics in cream and similar tones, then pair with high-end accessories to complete your look.

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Sensual satin

Satin is a great example of the glossy fabrics we are talking about above. It simply feels and looks wonderful.

Lilacs & pinks

Right now, there are some lovely soft pink and rose skirts, dresses, and blouses available. Lilac and lavender are also top colours for the season ahead, making all of which ideal options for romantic spring weddings.

Polka dots

This spring and summer look out for polka dot designs, which can be effortlessly striking and beautifully feminine. If you do want to wear this pattern, we suggest taking a few minutes to read this article as you need to be careful about how you combine and accessorise dots and spots.

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Snake print

If you prefer something a bit more edgy, consider some of the snake print clothes that are currently available. These can look very stylish, especially if you choose a bold colour or a fabric that has a bit of sheen.

Tulle gowns

As the weather continues to warm up, we will see tulle cropping up in a lot of collections. This very fine stiff netting is a great option for elegant country style dresses, perfect to wear to a rustic barn wedding.

Themed looks

For a themed wedding, not all of the trends above are going to be right for you. In some cases, the bride and groom will ask the guests to follow a particular attire brief, such as ‘black tie’ or ‘1920s glam’. If they do, before you go out shopping take the time to do a little research so you have a clearer idea in your head of what will best suit the occasion whilst making you look and feel fabulous!

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