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Premier present buying: Tinggly’s experience gift boxes

04th July 2019 | Rachel Hirst

Whether thinking about your own wedding wish list, or wracking your brains to come up with an epic gift for a friend or relative tying the knot this year, today’s post could well be music to your ears as we’re brining you news of an uber cool present solution that will have brides and grooms beaming with gratitude and delight.

Introducing Tinggly’s gift boxes, which are all about excitement, uniqueness and memory-making. So much more than a material present, these awesome boxes provide choice, value and a whole load of adventure in the form of amazing travels and experiences, at awe-inspiring destinations worldwide.

We’re talking helicopter rides, wildlife excursions, cookery classes, exhilarating sporting activities, wine tasting, creative workshops, unforgettable tours, to mention but a few of the options. And you don’t even have to deliberate over which to pick, as the experiences are part of specially drawn-up collections – including ‘Just Married’, ‘Time Together’, ‘Fun Together’, ‘Dream Wedding’ – so you simply pick and order the box that most appeals from the website, receive and wrap it up with a bow and present to the happy couple for them to select their ultimate gift experience.

Equally, if you’re struggling to draw up your own wedding gift list, why not add on a Tinggly box or two, that will not only prevent the post-wedding blues by giving you something to look forward to beyond the big day, but that will also leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Sounds good right?! So, let’s welcome Tinggly to the blog to lift the lid on these brilliant little boxes…

Possibly the best wedding gift ever?

The team say: Let’s get this straight. You rock, and you know it! You gave a wedding gift which the bride and groom haven’t stopped talking about since you handed it over. At first, they weren’t sure what it was. But, the gift was so simple, so versatile, and so enticing, it didn’t take them long to figure out just how awesome it was. And what’s more, they couldn’t wait to use it.

It wasn’t money. And it certainly wasn’t some dust-collector which would remain unused, whiling away its discarded days patiently in an attic. In fact, it wasn’t even something material. No. You rock because you gave the gift of Tinggly.

But, what’s Tinggly you’re probably asking? In a nutshell, a Tinggly unique wedding gift is a world of amazing travel experiences and adventures. Your gift is not just one gift, it’s a choice from hundreds of unique, memorable, and invigorating travels and adventures which have been expertly selected from the most incredible destinations around the world. It’s that amazing.

Forget the trek to the shopping centre

Each Tinggly gift box contains a thrilling assortment of worldwide adventures and experiences which you order online, simply and without fuss. Each gift box is designed with a specific theme in mind – birthdays, weddings, Christmas, corporate, etc. – and contains a select range of hand-picked adventures from right around the world. And what’s more, the recipients have five full years in which to use their gift – unlike some other experience gift vouchers on the market.

Tinggly gives you choice. At present, there are 28 unique gift boxes to choose from. Some are even themed to make the selection process easier – ‘Best Skydives’, ‘Best Balloon Rides’, or ‘Best Bungee Jumps’. Other gift boxes are available to celebrate other occasions, like Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, corporate gifting, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and, of course, the reason we’re here – weddings!

Don’t worry about a complicated ordering process, the Tinggly website was designed with ease-of-use as its core. Choosing and ordering an unforgettable gift experience couldn’t be any easier. And if something should go wrong, our customer experience team are always on-hand to help.

OK, so what’s in the box?

What’s in the box? Too many adventures to list here, that’s for sure. For lovers of Europe, there’s the ‘Euro Trip’ gift box, bursting with amazing experiences from across the entire continent – Catamaran cruises in the Portuguese Algarve, a Croatian Game of Thrones experience, or a boutique wine-tasting daytrip on Germany’s River Rhine.

If city breaks are your newlywed’s particular passion, the ‘Getaway – 2 Days in 100 Capitals’ gift box is just for them. This particular gift box allows for the perfect one-night escape to the city of their choice, including one night’s accommodation with breakfast for two. And the best part is, they can choose from more than 2,000 hotels, in more than 100 cities right around the world.

And, as we’re talking wedding gifts there’s the specially crafted ‘Just Married’ collection and the luxury ‘Dream Wedding’ collection featuring genuine bucket-list adventures like a wildlife safari in Nepal, gastronomy treks in Iran, a helicopter tour in the skies over Barcelona, or a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with gorillas in the forests of Rwanda.

With so much choice Tinggly really is the most versatile and appreciated gift you could ever give. But don’t believe us, just wait and see the smiles on the happy couple’s faces.

Sounds expensive

Many people think that the gift of travel is way out of their budget as a wedding gift. That’s where they’re wrong. A Tinggly gift box is not just a unique, inspiring, creative gift idea for those who love to travel, it’s also a really smart choice when it comes to spending money wisely.

With the value-priced gift box, ‘The Essential Collection’, on offer at just €69 you can give the gift of sailing with champagne in New York, a stand-up paddle board experience in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, or maybe even a sunset cruise on the Zambezi River. Not bad for €69.

It’s up to you how much you want to spend, but it’s not going to break the bank. The ‘Fun Together’ collection has a price tag of €99 and is bursting with a whole world of magical experiences for any couple to share. Whether it’s horse riding in the Dominican Republic, exploring the rugged wonders of Iceland’s nature, or a tour of Russia’s Hermitage Museum, what you get is value for money, what the recipients get are memories that will last a lifetime.

And should you really want to splash out – perhaps between a couple of friends even – you can choose the ‘Dream Wedding Experience’ priced at €249 which comes with travel adventures worthy of even the most imaginative of wish lists. With underwater scooter cruises in Mauritius, encounters with sharks in Hawaii, an authentic gaucho party in Buenos Aires, private food tours in Cuba, or a sunrise hot air balloon ride over Egypt’s Valley of the Kings and Queens, the newlyweds are unlikely to ever forget you, or your gift. I told you that you rock!

The evolution of gift giving

It would seem that the manner in which we’re giving gifts is changing. Tinggly is at the forefront of creating this gift experience evolution. In the twenty-first-century people are becoming less obsessed with material possessions. They are beginning to demand real-life experiences, moments which will enrich their lives and can be shared time and time again with family and friends. People are beginning to treasure memories and moments. That’s why a Tinggly wedding gift might be the best wedding gift ever.


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