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Documentary Art: In Love Wedding Films

15th January 2020 | Rachel Hirst

Even love’s greatest moments are fleeting, but after they’ve passed they stay in the memory.

These are the poignant words of Brides Up North Sponsor and talented Manchester-based videographer Paul Cryer, of In Love Wedding Films, who we are chatting to on the blog today.

Telling couples’ wedding stories through the power of film, Paul is keen to inform couples of the importance of documenting their big day so that they can relive those precious memories time and time again.

As he points out, hiring a videographer shouldn’t be a ‘last-minute-add-on’ where possible, but a priority inline with a photographer so that the key elements, and all the beautiful bits in between, are safely stored for years to come.

Combining a documentary filming style with artistic shots, Paul captures the individual narrative of each wedding, including the drama, humour, charm and emotion, resulting in a captivating and true reflection of the day.

Here we find out more from Paul about his passion for film while viewing examples of his emotive work…

Highlights: Ayleen & Jack at Dorfold Hall, Cheshire from In Love Wedding Films on Vimeo.

When did you first start filming weddings and how did you get into it?

Paul says

: I’ve always had a love for filmmaking, and it was when making some short films with friends in 2012 that got me back into the wedding scene. I’d previously (many years ago) done some wedding filming and enjoyed it but then my career took a different path. It wasn’t until I started making those short films again that realised, I wasn’t doing what I loved and started filming weddings again.

How would you describe your style videography and how does it set you apart from others?

Our films combine a mix of documentary with artistic. I love dissecting films for their cinematography and while on a wedding day you can’t control your environment, I try my best to compose artistic shots and use techniques my favourite directors and cinematographers use.

What is it that you love most about your job?

Meeting different people all the time on each wedding. Delivering the wedding and getting amazing feedback from the couple on how the film will live with them forever, creating that is special.

Teaser: Abi & Charlie – A Combermere Abbey Wedding from In Love Wedding Films on Vimeo.

In your opinion what are the most important things for a couple to consider when deciding which videographer to book for their wedding?

The biggest thing is finding a videographer who creates the film you want. Most wedding filmmakers have a style and look to their films and a final product (length of film) that they produce. So, make sure you find the filmmaker who matches what you want, in terms of visual style and the type of story they tell and product they produce.

Why would you encourage couples to have their wedding day filmed?

I really do not understand why it is still the ‘last on the list if we have budget left’ option. A well-produced wedding film will give you life-long memories, memories to show your future children and grandchildren that no other medium can give you. Why would you not invest in this?

Teaser: Carly & James – A Santorini Destination Wedding from In Love Wedding Films on Vimeo.


What do your clients say about the way you work and the films you produce?

Check out my Facebook feedback! My couples love what I produce for them and the fact they often didn’t know we were there!

Do you have a favourite part of the wedding day to capture?

I do enjoy the preparations in the morning, especially as most of my couples are always chilled during that time and it is often quite relaxed.

Highlights: Lucia & Jonathan at High Barn, Edenhall from In Love Wedding Films on Vimeo.

What area do you cover and is there somewhere in particular that you would love to shoot?

All over the UK, though mainly the North West. I’d love to shoot a wedding in Iceland.

What are your other passions and what do you think you would be doing if you weren’t a videographer?

I honestly don’t know!! I used to work in IT but hated it. My passions virtually all revolve around filmmaking, TV and cinema.

What was your biggest highlight of 2019 and what are you most looking forward to about 2020?

In 2019, an amazing London wedding that we shot was certainly a highlight! Great venue, couple, city skyline views and a sunset. In 2020, I’m presently most looking forward to a wedding in Madrid.

Teaser: Jake & Nic at the Ace Hotel Shoreditch, London from In Love Wedding Films on Vimeo.

What can couples who book you expect?

A very easy and personal service from start to finish and a final film package to help them always remember their day.

And what is included in your videography package – can you give us an idea of price?

It is pretty much all inclusive…the couple just decide which option of final film they want. Prices start from £1,500.

How can readers get in touch with you or see more examples of your work?

Via our website to enquire and find more work. Also check out our Instagram and Facebook as well.

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