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Beauty Basics: Makeup trials, skincare & wellbeing with A J Edgar MUA

Julia Braime

A particularly helpful read for those of you starting to move your focus onto your wedding makeup, as today on the blog we’re getting an overview of the key first steps on your bridal beauty journey.

Putting you in the hands of an expert, we’ve turned to our talented North-East based Sponsor, freelance makeup artist Alexandra Jane Edgar, to highlight the initial elements to consider; from why you should hire a makeup pro to how to manage your skincare regime and nutrition for ultimate big day radiance.

We’re also talking where to absorb inspo from and the latest beauty trends, which include soft romantic makeup, smoky eyes and rosy lips as showcased in the accompanying images taken from the ‘Hideaway With Me’ editorial shoot featured in Issue 14 of UNVEILED, which Alexandra created the stunning beauty looks for.

Images by Sean Elliott Photography for UNVEILED Magazine.

Gowns by Andrea Hawkes

Why would you encourage brides to hire a professional makeup artist for their big day?

Alexandra says: Your wedding day, like any important occasion, deserves a pampering and an opportunity to feel your very best self. Hiring a professional makeup artist ensures you look and feel your very best while feeling relaxed and confident knowing the professionals have got everything in hand to make your wedding day perfect.

What should brides look for in the makeup artist that they hire?

I really connect with my brides-to-be, and so feeling at ease and having a level of trust is important. I’m a people person and so for me, it’s like making a new friend. From chatting about your ideas to creating a look to suit you. You just know you can relax and enjoy yourself.

Why is having a trial prior to the wedding day so important and what should a bride be looking to get out of that appointment?

A trial in my opinion is essential for certainly the bride and also the mother-of-the-bride. It is the perfect opportunity to explain what your inspirations and desires. It is where you get to talk all things you. That is the most important, to get your ideas across and discover what you want. At least six months prior to the wedding, I also like to advise my clients on skincare and nutrition, so that they feel that their body and skin is in its optimum health.

Looking at the year ahead, what do you see being the key bridal beauty trends?

Romantic, fresh looks are trending and so require the skin to gleam with radiance. Sun kissed summer skin, with freckles on show is very fashionable, while cheeks and lips are flushed and almost stained rather than powdery. Eyes are soft and smoky and accents of lavender and sea foam look magnificent with a rosy Lip. If you prefer a bold lip, this is also on trend, however the edges are diffused rather than sleek and solid. Nothing is heavy or harsh. Think romance, think beautiful skin!

Where would you advise a bride looks to for inspiration for your wedding day look?

I think the best advice is to look to the latest season’s catwalks for inspiration as well as in magazines, such as UNVEILED, which showcases the current looks and trends. You can then share your ideas with your makeup artist and discuss how to make them work best for you as an individual.


How can brides best look after their skin in the run up to the big day?

A great skincare routine is essential. I guide my brides at their trial through a product range that will get results suitable for their skin. I only use products I believe in with a holistic approach to mind, skin and body. Plant based ingredients in 100% vegan certified products backed by clinical research.

What difference does the skin’s condition make to a bride’s beauty look on the day?

Your skin is your biggest organ and it is imperative to take care of it with products that are pure, safe and beneficial for you and your body. You need to be cleansing, exfoliating and introducing serums to work the skin at a deeper level. A range that I find gives fantastic, immediate results is the Arbonne RE9 Advanced Set, gold standard ingredients that are powerful in delivering healthy looking skin at every age.

What top three skincare products would you advise brides invest in and why?

The three top skincare products that would be an investment in yourself would have to be the Arbonne RE9 Advanced Set £219, Arbonne Intelligence Lip Treatment £32 and RE9 Advanced Cellular Renewal Mask £57. Discounts of 20% to 40% are available when you register as my ‘Preferred Client’ and enables me to also assist you better with your purchases.

Nutrition can also affect our skin’s condition and appearance – what would be your advice in this area to help a bride to both look and feel her best come the wedding?

With a holistic approach it’s about a person flourishing from the inside and out. A healthier body most certainly results in more beautiful skin. I would recommend the 30 Days to Healthy Living programme to brides-to-be. It’s not a diet, it’s about the body working at its optimum.

How can our readers get in touch with you or see more of your work?

During lockdown every Thursday at 8.30pm brides-to-be can jump on Zoom for ‘Healthy Happy You’ where they can see for themselves why we use the above nutrition and what it can do for them.

You can also contact me online and I can advise you on getting started on a good regime until we can meet in person for your trial.

Find me across all socials at AJ Edgar Artist, visit my website and discover products here.


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