30th December 2020 | Julia Braime

This episode of Wedflix is the holy grail for anyone at the start of their wedding photography journey, wondering how to find a photographer (or two) who fits their personal style and considering an alternative approach to the traditional wedding day.

In this episode leading North East wedding photographers Shazia and Chris of UNVEILED Network Member Chocolate Chip Photography share SO MANY incredible tips for finding the ideal wedding photographer and doing your day your own way. Grab a cuppa and settle in – we had such a laugh recording this one, and I could have chatted for hours!

This episode includes:

How Chocolate Chip Photography began (and, if you listen to the end… where they got the name from!);

Why Shazia and Chris love shooting weddings and their photography style;

The duo’s approach to a wedding day;

Chocolate Chip Photography’s professional experience of micro weddings and elopements (and why they are all for them!);

Chris and Shazia’s own elopement experience;

Where they would advice couples to start when looking for a wedding photographer;

What Chris & Shazia love most about their job;

Their dream wedding to shoot (it might not be what you expect);

and so much more!

Learn more about Chocolate Chip Photography at or check out their Instagram portfolio at @chocolatechipphotography

WEDFLIX is the series especially for cool couples planning their wedding and the super suppliers helping them to do it.

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