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21st January 2021 | Sarah Symonds

Talented married couple Emily and Micah migrated from their native North East down to Yorkshire and have been capturing perfect documentary style details for other happy couples as Bailey & Mitchell Photography ever since. Talk about a happily ever after!

Today’s featured UNVEILED Network members know a thing or two about showcasing the atmosphere and ambience of a wedding. With a focus on the raw and real moments, Bailey & Mitchell Photography really manage to harness the emotions and spirit of the day. Be it that perfect confetti shot, the quiet and intimate embrace or the tipsy relative busting a move on the dancefloor, with Emily or Micah behind the lens you know that it’ll all be snapped and there for you to look at in your beautiful album for years to come.

We’ve caught up with the awesome twosome, asked them the burning questions and got all the insider intel that you could possibly need, covering topics such as what you should be looking for in a wedding photographer, when to get booking and why they think married couples make the best teams…

With images by UNVEILED Network Member Bailey & Mitchell Photography

Introduce yourself and your business?

We are a husband and wife photography team, originally from the North East but now living in lovely Yorkshire. We love working with chilled out, fun loving couples on their wedding day to capture natural, documentary style images.

Where did your passion for photography come from – and how did it turn into a career?

M – We came to it separately. I got an old Pentax camera at a car boot sale when I was younger and got really into film photography in college. I’ve always loved documentary photography, dipping in and out of it over the years. Then I kept stealing Emily’s digital camera constantly while we were travelling, shooting portraits and various projects, and it all rolled on from there really!

E – I actually wanted to study lighting tech at college but the course got cancelled so I thought “oh ok, guess I’ll try photography then” and fell in love with it! I went on to study photography for my degree and have been working ever since. I started shooting weddings after university, assisting other photographers and working with family friends at first and then really found a love for documenting such a big day in people’s lives!

We spent so much of our free time shooting together, experimenting with equipment and on our travels we would spend our nights out playing with cameras together. It just seemed right to go into business together!

What do you love about capturing a couple’s big day?

M – Lots of it really. It’s always so nice to see the little unique touches people put into their day to represent their personalities. The way people share in their happiness, seeing everyone coming together is just such a lovely thing to see!

E – Honestly, it’s all the emotion that gets me on a wedding day. There is always just so much energy going on, the nerves, the happy tears, the dancing, and getting to share in that for the day is properly lovely!

How would you describe your style of photography?

We are documentary style photographers and so we shoot in the most natural way we can. We are both super chilled out and try to bring that to our photography too so everything stays as relaxed as possible for the couple on the day. It’s not about posing or creating an image, but capturing it all as it happens and showing off the couple and the hard work they have put into their day!

What’s your approach like on the wedding day?

E – We basically try to be your best mates on the day. We’ll help where we can, I’ve even trimmed a bridesmaids fringe pre ceremony, which was very trusting of her! We like to get involved and blend into the wedding party so that everyone forgets we are there as photographers and stays as natural as they can on camera!

M – The benefit of there being two of us is that we can practically be everywhere throughout the day, so we capture both bride and groom getting ready in the morning and then cover the ceremony and celebrations together from different angles. We try to have as much fun with the guests as we can too so that everyone is comfortable with us hanging out with them all day.

How do you build relationships with your couples?

E – We stay in touch before the day and always try to encourage a meet up before the wedding (or just a Zoom chat in these odd times!) and where possible always recommend a pre-wedding shoot so we can all get to know each other before the big day

M – We always make sure our couples know they can ask for advice or ask any questions they need to beforehand too, photography related or not!

What sets you apart from other photographers?

E – I think the fact that we are married actually really helps us and our couples. We’ve done it, we’ve been there, and we work together really well because of it. Plus we can boss each other around with no dramas haha!

M – We do properly genuinely care about the couple on the day too. We try to bring as much of our relaxed attitude to the day, keep it light and all about having fun and help where we can. We are basically your temporary mates for the day!

Do you have a favourite part of the day to capture?

E – It’s a toss up between the couples portraits and the dancefloor, for totally opposite reasons! The portraits are so intimate and a moment of quiet for the couple to take it all in after the ceremony, and we can get creative with them (I started as a fashion photographer so I naturally LOVE this bit anyway!) but then the dancefloor is always just so fun! Everyone jumping in, dancing together and laughing is always ace to photograph!

M – I think for me it’s seeing the bride or groom getting ready before the ceremony. There is so much excitement and nervous energy and you can really get to know the person you are working with for the rest of the day. You get to see those nerves at the start turn into absolute joy when they say I do!

Where does your work take you?

E – We mostly work in Yorkshire as it is where we are based but we shoot quite often in the North East too as we are from up there originally!

M – We love a good road trip so we will travel anywhere for a wedding!

What would be your top three tips for couples searching for a wedding photographer?

  1. Ask questions! Don’t worry about getting into it and having a good natter about what you are looking for, chances are it helps them to know more about your day too! Never be afraid to ask anything!
  2. Have a really good chat with them because finding someone you connect with means you’ll get more out of your photos on the day as you’ll feel comfortable around them and be able to relax.
  3. Look at their style and their previous galleries and think about if the style really suits your wedding. You want to find someone who suits your vibe rather than trying to get someone to change their style to fit what you are looking for.

And three absolute no-nos?

  1. It seems obvious but don’t be too swayed by the price! If it seems too cheap to be true, it often is. If you love someone’s work but it’s over your budget could you consider a smaller package, or save elsewhere? Your images really are one of the only things you get to keep from the day so it is so important!
  2. Don’t wait too long – Photographers often book up years in advance especially for weekends and peak months so if you really love a photographer it is worth getting their availability and asking about their deposit options.
  3. Don’t get your mate/family member to do it! This sounds harsh but hear us out! If your mate is an amazing wedding photographer – totes book them! However if a friend or family member has a camera and is offering to do it for free, don’t say yes just because it’s cheaper or because you don’t want to let them down. Wedding photography is a skill in itself so just because they take beautiful photographs doesn’t necessarily mean the wedding images will match the ones you’ve been looking at online, PLUS you want them there to enjoy the day with you!

What options do you offer when couples are booking you?

E – We have three main packages that we offer to our couples, from the micro wedding to the full day, but we ALWAYS tell couples that we can find something that suits them. Weddings are all different so we always make sure they know that if a package doesn’t quite work for them they just need to ask! We also offer some fun extras such as pre-wedding shoots, boudoir and portrait sessions! There is a cheeky 20% discount available to Brides Up North readers. All they need to do is mention this article when they get in touch! You can find us online at www.baileyandmitchell.com or on our social media channels on Instagram and Facebook.

M – Images are delivered to couples in a keepsake box alongside their hard copy of the images and prints, and they can order albums and additional copies later if they like! We have also got a sister business that we set up during Lockdown called Bailey & Mitchell Bespoke, creating handmade wedding gifts and decor!


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