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15th February 2021 | Sarah Symonds

Today we’ve been talking to wedding planner and UNVEILED Network Member, Chloe, the face behind Blush & Blossom Events to find out how a wedding really comes together behind the scenes and whether there’s such a thing as too big when it comes to your dream day – pandemics permitting, of course!

The role of a wedding planner is to take your brief and run with it. They won’t take over and it will still be your day, your way but it’s their job to have the best plan of action and be your shoulder to lean on, or cry on if need be! So you can unleash your wildest wedding fantasies and then sit back and focus on your skincare routine in the lead up to the big day, afterall, as Chloe says, if you can dream it, she can plan it for you!

We’ve grabbed Chloe for a chat to find out the hows, whys and whats of the event planning industry such as how to set and then keep control of your budget, why it’s useful to have someone on your side who’s done it a hundred times before and knows all of the best local suppliers, and what exactly she can do for you to help you avoid the most common pitfalls of organising a wedding.

Chloe has also used 2020 to add a new bow to her string. To celebrate their new stationery range launch Blush & Blossom are also offering Brides Up North and UNVEILED readers a cool 10% off on all wedding stationery orders over £200 booked before May 2021! If you’ve yet to get your stationery sorted, that might just inspire you to get on the case!

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Briefly introduce yourself and your business?

I’m Chloe, the Wedding and Events Planner behind Blush & Blossom Events! Blush & Blossom aim to turn your wedding plans into a reality. You dream it, we plan it!

Where did your passion for planning come from – and how did it turn into a career?

As a very creative person, I’ve always had a major passion for all things planning and design. I always remember my mum valuing my opinion in regards to colour choices, or interior design pieces, and my favourite lesson in school was, of course, art! When I was 14, I started working for my mum’s wedding floristry business, and I very quickly fell in love with the wedding industry. When I turned 19, I furthered my knowledge and skills by completing an Advanced Diploma in Wedding and Event Planning and Design, whilst managing and running hundreds of weddings across the North of England, with a passion and an undying love for weddings. Soon after, Blush & Blossom was born and now I count my lucky stars that I get to live out my dream job every day!

What are the main benefits of hiring a planner?

I always describe hiring a wedding planner not as an added expense, but an investment. Over the course of the eight years I’ve worked in the industry, I’ve built excellent relationships and partnerships with the best suppliers in the North East. You can tell me your budget and your style, and I’ll be able to recommend the perfect supplier for you! My couples know that they can rely on me every step of the way – from assistance on choosing the perfect venue and keeping your wedding to a strict budget, to keeping your divorced parents out of eye contact from one another. Your wedding planner ensures that all of these possible stresses don’t happen – you may not even know that any problems happened, because we’re there behind the scenes to make them go away!

In what ways can you assist couples?

With our flexible and accommodating approach, Blush & Blossom event planning will work with you to design your dream wedding, whether you’re after full planning support from the very beginning of your wedding journey, or a helping hand along the way, we’re with you every step of the way. Our services tend to be more bespoke and personal to each and every couple. Your wedding is unique, so your planning services will be too!

How are couples included in your process?

At no point will we ever ask you to hand over control of your wedding – unless that’s really what you want! Blush & Blossom’s aim is to ensure that you enjoy the wedding planning journey, rather than us being in control of your day. We take care of the budget spreadsheets and the logistics so you can enjoy the exciting parts of planning, such as the cake tasting and finding the perfect destination for your honeymoon!

Do you have a signature style as a wedding planner?

I think it’s very important as a wedding planner to be able to adapt to each of my clients’ styles, as every couple should be able to apply their exact style and personality into their wedding. We work with you by using your inspirations, personal stories and style to create the most superb day. However, if I had to pinpoint my style, I would say I gravitate towards bohemian-luxe style and elegant, timeless weddings with a laid-back, relaxed atmosphere. I love bringing the outdoors in, with foliage galore, and romantic ambience.

How do you ensure that the weddings you plan are unique to each couple?

Our weddings are unique to each couple, because they’re designed with each and every individual couple in mind. As a brand, Blush & Blossom’s ethos is transforming your wedding from an idea into a beautiful, blossoming reality whilst holding your traditions and values close to our hearts. This means that although I do have my dream team of suppliers, we hand-pick suppliers for our couples, chosen especially to match their style, budget and personality.

My absolute favourite part of planning any wedding has to be adding your unique touches and personality to your special day. I’m currently working with a couple who want to incorporate their passion of travel into their wedding, so we’re working on some very exciting projects to really demonstrate this to their guests, and stand out from the crowd!

What are the key skills you bring to your role?

All of the most important skills in my business tend to come under the bracket of customer service; honesty, reliability and, quite simply, someone to lean on. Not only am I a fully qualified Wedding & Event Planner with many years in the industry, but all of my couples know they can trust me with any suggestion, question or project, day or night. I’m there if you need reining in with the budget, or if you need a shoulder to cry on because Covid has affected your wedding. I would definitely say many of my clients now regard me as their friend, rather than their Wedding Planner. I’m so committed to creating the absolute dream day for my clients, and my couples’ know that nothing is too much to ask!

What are your top three tips for planning couples?

1 There are going to be mole hills but don’t turn them into mountains!

It’s so easy to fall into the wedding planning trap, where you become obsessed with making sure everything is perfect. Here’s a secret for you: it won’t be perfect! Try to remember that you’re getting married to spend the rest of your lives together, and to devote your lives to each other. Enjoy the process, and try not to get too caught up on the texture of your invitation paper, or that everyone gets in the wedding photo they wanted. It’s all about you, and I promise it’ll all be perfect in the end.

2 Budgeting! It’s important from the very beginning, to the very end!

When I first discuss budgets with my clients, 99% of them say “we don’t have a budget!” Another spoiler: everyone has a budget! Although it might be daunting (and incredibly boring!) one of my top tips would definitely be to spend some time planning out your wedding budget, and adding your spends up every couple of weeks or so. This way, you can keep track of where your biggest expenses are, and you don’t have any nasty surprises or debt to start your married life with. I also recommend discussing payment plans with your suppliers. Some may have monthly or seasonal payment plans in place, meaning less cash will be due out of your bank that dreaded month before your wedding, and you have less to think about on the run up to the big day!

3 Research, research, research!

It sounds pretty obvious, but if you’re planning your wedding, research the ins and outs of your venue and supplier choices, for example by reading their reviews, and not just the ones they have chosen to feature on their website! Check your suppliers’ Facebook and Google reviews from other couples, stalk their social media and see whether you still get that lovely feeling!

And your three no-nos?

1 If you’re organizing transport, don’t leave this as one of your last jobs!

When mentioning transport, a lot of couples think that this is one of those jobs that can be organized fairly last minute. Don’t fall into this trap! Although there may be lots of transport companies out there, wedding cars tend to be one of the more complex suppliers to book, as it’s all about the logistics and timings. You don’t want to be thinking about this a month before your wedding, so the sooner you choose your supplier and book the deposit, the less stress you have to deal with!

2 Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, or your wedding.

Remember, the reason you’re getting married isn’t for the big, extravagant party, you’re making a vow to the love of your life. Sometimes, wedding planning can become so overwhelming that it can consume the thoughts of the engaged couple. A wedding planner makes sure that you both get to enjoy the process, taking away the stress and bickering, and allowing you both to enjoy being engaged, reducing stress levels and increasing wedding harmony! Sure, a beautiful day in an amazing venue is the dream, but try not to get too caught up in itall! As long as you’re tying the knot whilst surrounded by your loved ones, everything else is just the icing on the cake.

3 Remember to pack your emergency kit!

As a Wedding Planner, you won’t catch me at your wedding without my trusty emergency kit. The kit includes anything and everything which will combat a problem on your wedding day. Some examples include plasters, a needle and thread, nail glue and extra buttonhole pins. This may seem a little over the top, but you just have to be prepared for a fake eyelash pinging off, right before the group photographs are taken! Spend some time packing a little kit together, and give your trusty Maid of Honour the responsibility of keeping it in a handy place, just in case!

What areas would you suggest a couple planning a wedding tackle first, and how can you help with these?

It’s super important to book the suppliers which can typically only book one wedding per day. For example, your photographer, videographer and florist. These suppliers are not only a massive part of your wedding, but they tend to book up very quickly and, for the most part, can only take part in one wedding per day.

What trends do you see emerging in weddings in the coming year and beyond?

Without mentioning the dreaded C word too much, 2020 has definitely taught the world some lessons about how we shop, and how to appreciate small and local independent businesses, and I can see this emerging into the wedding world too, with couples shopping locally and more sustainably for their wedding. To add to this, it’s no secret that we’re all becoming a little more aware everyday of how the way we live our life affects the planet. From reusable coffee cups and metal straws, we’re all taking small steps to have less effects on the environment. Of course, it’s easier and maybe even cheaper to order your wedding favors from Amazon, but shopping locally not only makes weddings more personal, but adds to the local economy, and makes local businesses do a little happy dance every time they make a sale!

If you haven’t already seen, Brides up North are supporting the trend which I’m predicting for 2021/22 wedding, through the hashtag #ShopSupportSuppliers on Instagram. Here, you can find hundreds of local small businesses, who are all doing their bit by producing the most beautiful locally sourced, handcrafted products. Check it out! You may just find the perfect bridal jewelry, thank you cards and lots more for your wedding!

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us about?

Over the past couple of months, we’ve taken the leap and started to advertise our beautiful wedding stationery! For more information regarding my stationery, you can head to our website to see some of our latest work!

As a special thank you for the support of our stationery launch, we’re offering Brides Up North and UNVEILED readers 10% off on all wedding stationery orders over £200 booked before May 2021. Just let us know that you’ve come to us via Brides Up North or UNVEILED and we’ll apply the discount to your quote!

How can couples get in touch with you and see more of your work?

You can find us on our website, on Instagram or our Facebook page. To contact us you can email blushandblossomevents@hotmail.com or call 07975517405.

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