Flower Power: Introducing Tweedle Floral Design

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Basically born with green fingers and always surrounded by a family of gardeners, today’s featured UNVEILED Network Members are your go-to girls for all things floral. Introducing Tweedle Floral Design…

Erika and Sam, the twosome behind Tweedle Floral Design, have been chatting to us today on the blog as we find out all about what inspired them to get started in the wedding biz, and what still inspires them to do their best work. We cover how the industry is changing and becoming more eco-friendly, why they think flowers have such an important part to play in weddings and events, and what best describes their signature style.

We’ve also asked them to walk us through a typical wedding planning sesh to see how it could all come together for you, what the process is and what advice they give their couples. Sounds great, right? Let’s get into it!

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Well, hello there!

Hi! We are Erika and Sam. Together, we make up Tweedle Floral Design. We specialise in foam free florals, taking a wild and rustic approach to our work but love to get creative! We work with our clients from the very beginning of their floral planning journey, with a personalised consultation to chat about what they would like to get from us on their day, all the way to the final preparations for their special day.

Where did your passion for floral design come from?

We both grew up with family members, our parents and grandparents, that have been keen gardeners. From trying to grow our own tall sunflowers as children to watching those gardens grow and change with us over the years, we’ve always had an interest. But it wasn’t until we bought our own houses that gardening became more our own hobbies as we finally had our own gardens to seed, grow and maintain.

Our shared love for our own flowers we were growing branched off into becoming more creative with them, and the more we chatted and brainstormed with each other and attended workshops to understand the concepts of design, it led to new found loves of creating and we’ve never looked back. Flowers bring happiness to so many people in a wide variety of different circumstances and we just love being a part of that.

Do you have a dedicated workspace?

We have a home-based workshop where we are constantly surrounded by flowers being dried out, fresh flowers coming and going and with our mood boards up on the wall to remind us of our vision and styles with lots of colour inspiration. Working together as a team in our workspace is what inspires us both the most. Having each other to bounce off with ideas to come up with new creative designs, we are always brainstorming whilst we create and make.

Why do you think flowers play such an important part in a wedding?

Flowers contribute so much to a wedding; they bring colour, movement, textures and scents to the day. When couples are picturing their day, flowers can help symbolise anything from their favourite colour shades to fond memories and to even remember loved and lost family members. The colours and styles chosen for wedding flowers can set the scene for the theme of the day and they usually tie in with the bride’s dress for size and shape, the bridesmaids on their dress colours and also for the groom’s suits colours and styles in order to tie everything together on the day.

Do you have a signature style?

Our signature style is rustic and wild, which is displayed through our choice of stems. We love to use a variety of shapes and textures to create movement in our floral pieces as this draws your eyes to different parts of the arrangement. We love for our floral design to be personal, warming and eye-catching in order to create unique and beautiful designs from bouquets to larger installations, creating different memories with each individual piece.

Where do you get the inspiration for your designs and where would you advise couples to look for inspiration when choosing their wedding florals?

We get our inspiration from many places, including books from our favourite floral designers and Instagram accounts from global florists including Korea, America and Australia. We use foam free techniques and these accounts share new mechanics frequently for different ways to create installations. Our advice for couples would be to leave the mechanics to us! We want to hear about your preferred colours, shapes and flower types. Pinterest and magazine cutouts are a great source for this, we love to see all manner of mood boards. Even if you are unsure of specific flowers, we can help you with what is in season and what works well for the designs you wish to have.

How do you approach each wedding – tell us about the process with your couples?

Generally, when we receive a wedding enquiry, our first port of call is congratulating our couple! We then love to set up an initial consultation, this gives both parties an opportunity to get to know one another and for us to find out more about our couples plans for their day.

Once we have found out a bit more about their visions for their day, we go away and create a proposal concentrating on the finer details, which also includes an itemised quote. Once our couples book with us, we then set up our own mood boards via Pinterest and get our plans in action for creating their dream florals!

What do your couples love about your service and creations?

Feedback we have received so far has always praised us for our personal approach to each wedding. We love seeing how truly unique each day is and the outcome that each couple wants from their florals. We’ve also had compliments on our support through wedding planning as we see ourselves as a support network and not just the florists. We’re always available for any questions through wedding planning and are on hand to provide our favourite recommendations of other suppliers too!

Where do you source your materials?

We source our materials from amazing wholesalers and growers alike. Whilst we do favour British flowers and have gotten to know an array of amazing growers around us, we understand that we have a seasonality in Britain that can limit us. This being said we place time and effort into selecting flowers from abroad and try to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible, yet still selecting the best quality flowers to provide the effect we want to achieve in our colour choices and floral designs.

What are your top 3 tips for couples when choosing their wedding flowers?

  1. Think about seasonality. So many brides love peonies but there is a very short window of opportunity for when they are available, we know of fantastic alternatives that create a similar beautiful effect!
  2. Prioritise your pieces, would you prefer your budget to be spread through many smaller pieces across your venue or would you prefer to place your budget into one showstopping piece. Both are equally as amazing but can become costly if you want both!
  3. Reuse and repurpose! We always advocate anything that is used for the ceremony can be then repurposed later on in the day, whether that be a ceremony backdrop turned photo backdrop for guests or the aisle decoration being placed into the wedding breakfast as table centrepieces.

What are your top 3 no-nos for couples when choosing their wedding flowers?

  1. No stressing out! We are here to alleviate this stress for you, so any problems or issues you feel, just talk to us first.
  2. Don’t be shy about telling your florist your budget. It’s actually very helpful for a florist to understand your budget right from the start as then we’re able to help guide you through options, our creative minds can help with alternative ideas and to think about how we can adapt and re-use whilst still designing something beautiful.
  3. Don’t leave booking your wedding florist until the last minute. If your heart is set on a particular flower and you don’t want to get married without them, but your wedding date is in a season that they don’t grow, then your florist would be the person to guide you through the times of year you should be looking at for your wedding. There are flower alternatives, but if you are dead set on a particular flower, do speak to your florists before setting a date with your venue.

What flowers and foliage do you particularly love working with and do you have a favourite season?

We love working with eucalyptus because it smells divine, but also because there are so many varieties to choose from to get those different textures. Peonies can be very temperamental flower stems and do take some looking after to open up, but they’re so beautiful when they are bloomed showing all their glory and it’s just part of the test looking after them. For all the burnt orange tones and warmth in colours, we do love Autumn, but our favourite season is probably Summer to see all the different flower varieties and shades that come in from our British flower growers.

What trends do you see emerging in wedding florals for 2021 and beyond?

Everlasting dried flowers! There are many ways of preserving your fresh wedding flowers after the big day, however the idea of dried flowers being with us forever, has something appealing about it. There are many uses for them and re-creating with them afterwards, which then brings us to preventing the amount of waste we are producing. Also, now with the increase in popularity of shopping local and looking at greener options, we find that more people are now looking to be more environmentally friendly, in general, but also when booking their wedding suppliers. British grown flowers that are closer to home, are becoming more preferable and can be created into something that reminds them of home and the fresh scents of their gardens and childhoods. Not only does this support us as small creative businesses, but at the same time supports our British flower growers.

How can couples get in touch with you and see more of your work?

You can reach us direct on email at info@tweedlefloraldesign.co.uk or if you would like to see more of our work and what we’ve been getting up to, then you can visit our website www.tweedlefloraldesign.co.uk. You can also find us on Instagram, where we are probably most active and having some fun at @tweedlefloraldesign.

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