UNVEILED Expert: 5 Steps To Finding Your Ideal Wedding Hair Stylist

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We’re thrilled to welcome you to the first in our online series of UNVEILED Expert Columns. Through these regular, must-read posts, we’ll be bringing you exclusive industry insights, golden guidance and pro tips directly from those at the very top of their bridal game.

Each of our UNVEILED Expert columnists is a member of our UNVEILED Network, selected for their unrivalled knowledge, incredible energy and full-on passion for the world of weddings and what they do within it.

Starting the series is none other than our expert in bridal hair – and the absolute queen of boho tresses – Jen Acton, of Wildflower Hair Co. Based in Cheshire, Jen delivers her sensational styling skills to brides and their parties all across the UK, she’s contributed to numerous UNVEILED Magazine editorial shoots and has her very own hair academy, which we feel more than qualifies her for this significant role.

Debuting with her flawless knowledge on how to find yourself a match made in bridal hairstylist heaven, let’s welcome Jen with her 5 tips for finding your ideal wedding hair stylist…

Pinterest Power

Before you even begin to search for your dream wedding hairstylist, I would recommend putting together a Pinterest board for all the hairstyles that you like and could envisage yourself wearing on the big day! This will help you to instantly identify your favourite type of style. Is it full of relaxed half-up half-downs or loose buns with braids and wavy textures, meaning you’re leaning towards a more undone/boho feel? Or maybe you’re favouring clean-cut classic styles, like sleek chignons and pristine Hollywood waves? You might even be leaning towards more vintage styles. Once you’ve identified the look you’re after, you can then start to find the perfect wedding hairstylist who can make your vision come to life!

Search Right

Now you have a clear idea of the type of style you’re after, it’s time to start researching actual bridal hairstylists! You could use good old Google by searching keywords such as ‘wedding hair Cheshire’ or ‘bridal hair Manchester’ depending on your venue location, but I personally prefer to put those same phrases into the search function on Instagram and then click on tags to see all the images that are by stylists in your area. As you have a clear view in your mind of the style you’re going for from your Pinterest page, you should be able to identify images that fit your brief instantly. Then you can click on the account to see more and start to narrow down stylists that can achieve your ideal look!

‘the one’

After scrolling through your prospective stylists feed, can you pick at least three of their images that you would happily wear for your big day? This is super important because their feed is their portfolio, their best work they want to showcase and what they love doing the most. So, if you can’t find a wedding hairstyle on their feed, you would wear, this is a warning sign they may not be the stylist for you!

Are you vibing?

Once you have narrowed down a few contenders whose work you love, it’s now time to check that they are the person you want to share your wedding morning with! They may be incredible at what they do, but if you don’t warm to them as a person or share the same vibe, then do you really want them with you on your special morning? Now is the time to read their bio and captions and head over to their website to get a feel for them as a person. Do they offer a free consultation call? Do they use language you align with? Will they fit in on the morning or completely change the vibe you envisage?

Perfect score

Finally, the last thing I would recommend on your journey to finding your ideal wedding hairstylist would be to check their online reviews and speak to your venue/suppliers you already have on board to see if they know them! Read the reviews past brides have written. These are such valuable insights into how the wedding morning went, if the hairstylist went above and beyond, and how they made everyone feel!

After completing all these five steps, you should have a much clearer idea of who will be the dream wedding hairstylist for you. Good luck with your search!

Find out more about Jen and her work at www.wildflowerhaircompany.co.uk


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