Our Love Story – Genny & Chris

Sarah Symonds

Today’s blog is so filled with love, giggles and friendship that you can practically feel the adoration coming through your screen. It’s a tangible and heady mix of a foundation of years of growing together and hope for the future, and we’re loving it.

Golden hour beach shots of a gorgeous couple in love, in tonal and complementary outfits? Nailed it. These guys know each other pretty well and it shows. They’re like two giddy, in-love peas in a pod, while the talented Rachael Fraser certainly knows how to take a beautiful photo or two. It’s a winning combination!

We’ve captured their love story (to date!) for you to sigh wistfully over, from first meeting in uni halls way back then, to now wedding planning excitement – not to mention the big proposal story we know you all want, of course! And today’s is certainly a good one! Nice work, Chris!

With photography by Rachael Fraser Photography


One of my friends claimed to have bought tickets to go up Grey’s Monument in Newcastle for my birthday. I left Chris at home to meet her for a drink beforehand and then we headed up. When I got to the top Chris was there! Cue a double take and a “what are you doing up here?” moment before the penny dropped! He’d hired the whole hour so we were up there by ourselves, with an amazing view of our favourite place. The underground bar my friend and I went to suddenly made total sense, so he could sneak past unnoticed! We headed home for champagne and to a surprise engagement party with our families and closest friends. It was truly wonderful.

I think our engagement has to be one of the most special moments, it was perfect in every sense.

Big Day

We are due to be getting married at UNVEILED Network Member Brinkburn Northumberland, with our ceremony in the Priory there which is absolutely stunning. We are planning a small wedding with lots of food, alcohol and dancing – and what more could we need?!

How We Met

We met at Newcastle Uni on moving-in day. My mum barged into Chris’ room accidentally, instead of mine, whilst moving my things in. After a quick conversation and some embarrassment I went down to apologise to Chris which is the moment we very first met!

First Date

Because we lived in the same university halls it’s hard to define our first date! I’m not sure you would be able to count our multiple nights out in Sinners as a first date!

When your friends love your other half as much as they love you, that’s when you know this is The One! Our closest friends now all originally started off being friends with just one of us and now love the other one just as much. It helps when Chris is the king of espresso martinis!

What We Love Most

You know that proper hysterical laughter where you can’t catch your breath? We end up like that most days, never failing to make each other laugh! And always being each other’s biggest supporters in everything we do.

The Shoot

We really wanted to meet our photographer before the wedding day. We have had several wonderful recommendations for Rachael, so we knew we had picked a winner but meeting her beforehand was amazing. She made us feel so at ease and relaxed in front of the camera so we don’t have to worry about it on the day of the wedding.

We really enjoyed the opportunity to get some amazing pictures up at one of our favourite places, Warkworth Beach. We are so bad at getting photos together normally so it was great to use the opportunity to get some lovely professional ones from Rachael. We were so pleased with the pictures and used them in a photo strip design on our wedding invitations which was lovely!

Wedding Planning

Spending time celebrating with our families and closest friends, many of whom we haven’t been able to see half as much as we would have liked over the past 18 months (thanks Covid!). For us it really is the people who are there that is the most important thing about our wedding day.

If you have specific suppliers you want, get them booked in as soon as you have a date set, as they get booked up quickly! We booked Rachael as a priority as she comes very highly recommended. I think she was the first supplier we booked as her work is outstanding – as well as her being an all-round lovely human being! We can’t wait for her to photograph our wedding!

Wish For Married Life

After living with each other for eight years, we don’t think much will really change after the wedding day but we’re looking forward to many more happy years together! We have so many adventures we want to go on before settling down fully so we’re really looking forward to planning those together.

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