Jam Hot

Jam Hot International Wedding Band are the ultimate in luxury live entertainment. This multi award-winning 8-21 piece Show Band are renowned for creating party atmospheres the stuff of legends, and their exceptional live shows truly have to be seen to be believed!

This astonishingly talented unit is fronted by 4 world-class vocalists for every single performance. These jaw-dropping powerhouses perform flawless renditions of your favourite floor-fillers, and along side their scintillating horns and elegant strings, they will be jumping on and off the stage all night long to interact with your guests and immerse them in a world full of fun, laughter and raucous vitality.

Jam Hot’s live show is bursting with lit medleys full of pop, RnB, dance, Motown, hip-hop, funk and rock; and feature mega-stars the likes of Justin Timberlake, Stevie Wonder, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Tina Turner and Michael Jackson. Full choreography, contemporary costumes and sizzling showmanship makes Jam Hot’s show a sensory spectacle, and their magnetic pull with draw your guests onto the dance floor to rock out with these world-renowned musicians.

This seasoned, reliable team provide the full package. Not only travelling with full production as standard – they also offer a huge range of performance and production options, making your bespoke, dream wedding just an enquiry away!


When planning our wedding, the one aspect we both agreed had to be perfect was the wedding band. We don't believe we could have found a better band than Jam Hot. From start to finish, the band were professional, friendly and were in regular contact with us and answered every questions we had. All members of the band are outstanding musicians and made every song feel like the real thing. The band had so much energy, especially the 4 very talented singers, who got every wedding guest dancing all night long. When we spoke to our wedding guests, the one thing they all commented on was how incredible our band was. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jam Hot, in fact, we will probably go out of our way to do so!Rory Skeoch
Wow! These guys sure do know how to get the party started! We hired these guys to do all of our music for the duration of our wedding; they performed strings music for the ceremony, a chilled live lounge set for the aperitif and then finally knocked everyone’s socks off with an incredible 12 piece band performance during our disco. Everything was absolutely seamless, these guys are so polished and well rehearsed, it’s impossible not to be wowed by them. My husband and I toyed with the idea of having a celebrity artist perform at our wedding but after contacting a number of agents and getting frustrated with ‘celebrity’s’ lack of flexibility we decided to have a look for a big band instead. We are so pleased we made the decision to have Jam Hot as they give that superstar experience but they play the music you want to hear, they are incredibly easy to work with and they genuinely care about you and your day. Looking back on our wedding day I would honestly say Jam Hot were the highlight! We had quite a boozy evening do and because of Jam Hot our dance floor was always full and everyone was laughing, dancing and singing along to every word. Jam Hot are real entertainers, often jumping off the stage and dancing amongst our friends and family.Jessica Harding
Jam How we're truly incredible. We were lucky enough that Jam Hot were free to play at our wedding, and they made the wedding. The entire band immensely talented, professional and friendly. Paul was the personification of professional - answered emails and took calls at all hours, no matter how silly the request may have been. The band kindly learned new songs for our first dance, as well as for the rest of the performance, and these renditions were simply magical. In my experience, there have been very few weddings where the dance floor is full at the end of the night - at our wedding, the dance floor remained packed until the band stopped at 1.30am (which was also way later than was expected and very generous). My wife and I (and all the guests) loved the band members getting involved on the dance floor - I will always remember the saxophonist belting out Sky Full Of Stars in the middle of the dance floor! The singers, the musicians, the technicians are all phenomenal, and we can't thank them enough!Gregor Maclennan

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