Marie -Blanche offers beautiful, high quality silver jewellery, boxed and sealed with a personal and creative touch. Our jewellery is perfect for wedding favours, gifts, and other special occasions.

Marie-Blanche is the name of my great French Grandmother and also my middle-name. My Grandmother was an artisan in her own right, and the inspiration behind what we do. We have brought her spirit and passion to life through a beautiful collection of jewellery with a personalised touch to make you, and those closest to you feel extraordinary.

We want our jewellery and box creations to be treasured as a keep sake of your wedding, birthday or special occasion. We believe that the box itself can be as beautiful and personal as the gift inside. All boxes are hand painted, or created with pressed flowers and wax seals by Marie-Blanche, with love and care.


The quality of the jewellery speaks for itself and I fell in love with the personalised touches – Annabelle at Marie Blanche is a talented artist and hand-painted my wedding bouquet onto the boxes of the jewellery. Most other brands, you get a very standard box which is produced en masse….the boxes you get with Marie Blanche are completely unique and make the moment of jewellery giving even more memorable. The service was absolutely outstanding from start to finish, I couldn’t recommend Marie-Blanche more highly.Sophie
I chose Marie Blanche because they have some beautiful pieces and it was lovely to gift my very special bridesmaids with some beautiful jewellery that I personally loved! The flower earrings were stunning and received lots of compliments on the day. I liked that they had been cast from real flowers which makes them even more unique. They tied in perfectly with my themes of flowers and nature.Lucy
Marie-Blanche because provided me with a wide range of beautiful high-quality jewellery so that we could match style and colour with the bridesmaid’s dresses. The necklaces and earrings came in personalised, handmaid boxes with a rustic feel which were a great touch. They still wear them all the time.Barbara

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