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We’re Rob and Rebecca, a husband and wife team from Redcar on the North East coast.

We’re people photographers, and we absolutely love it! Natural light is our forte, using the scenery around us and the light available to get creative and produce stunning photos you’re going to want to hang on your wall.

Our approach is pretty informal, perfect for people who want authentic images of their wedding day, without too much faffing around. Our goal is to capture the romance and love that the two of you share, by capturing moments as they happen on the day.

We love working with people who are throwing out the rule book, and doing things their own way. We’ve photographed weddings in churches, stately homes, castles, and tipis! This incredible job we get to do let’s us work with people who love mixing tradition with non-conformity to create a perfect representation of themselves.

If you’re looking for a pair of laid back photographers for your wedding, let’s hang out!


Rebecca and Rob were amazing at getting us both to relax around the camera, something I thought would never happen! They completely got what we wanted in our pictures which was natural, fun, unstructured moments and to capture all the colour and vibrancy of our wedding. They sent us a selection of pics the day after the wedding which was fantastic to show our family and know already they had done an amazing job. I'm especially thankful they made sure they grabbed us for special shots at sunset! Chris & Sammy
Rebecca and Rob are a brilliant couple and great at what they do. They invited us for a pre wedding photoshoot, where they listened to our expectations about the style of photographs that we wanted to capture on our day. On the day of our wedding, not only were they both taking photographs, Rob helped the grooms party with their buttonholes and Rebecca was great at keeping me calm before the ceremony. I'm pretty sure that I saw Rebecca with a needle and thread in her hand at one point too. Sarah & Kyle
We are so glad we found Rebecca and Rob. They were fantastic beforehand and easy to communicate with. On the day they were so cool and confident. They were both ready to help with anything and full of advice from their experience. Rob was the only man able to tie a cravat and definitely saved the day there! Our photos are everything we could have dreamed of there's nothing we would change. They listened to everything we asked for and caught beautiful moments we would have missed otherwise. Lois & Andy

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