Veil & Gun

We’re two northern lasses exploring the world from behind our viewfinders. We’re all about hopeless romance, gritty adventures, and celebrating sexy, vibrant humans in all their glory. We met working in the wedding industry and bonded over a shared hatred of boring wedding photos, forced smiles and awkward poses. Together we were inspired to create an alternative; unobtrusive, epic images that tell the story of your perfect day. We turn up with our hand held cameras, a pocket full of lenses and big ass smiles. No big equipment, no cheesy poses, and we’re always up for a tequila slammer if you need a little dutch courage! Our style is pure rock & roll! We love non-traditional weddings and travel the UK, Europe and North America to capture every detail of passion, love and creativity. It’s your day to do exactly what you want, and we’ll be there to capture every damn bit of it. But first and foremost, we’ll make you look incredible.

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